FIT Student Health Insurance for Therapy

With all of the assignments, projects, meetings, and reviews that come with being a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, you shouldn’t also have to get creative about paying for mental health services. The good news is that accessing therapy and mental health care is easy – read on to learn how to find an insurance-covered therapist to support you!

What is the FIT student health insurance?

The FIT-sponsored student health insurance is serviced by Aetna. The plan is called the Aetna Student PPO and all students are automatically enrolled at the start of each year.

If you would rather stay on your parents’ plan or another insurance plan, you’ll have to waiver out by a specific deadline. The FIT-sponsored student health insurance covers you for the entire year, from August to August - even if you graduate within that time period. For the 2020-2021 year, this insurance costs $2463 for undergraduates and graduates alike.

Does the FIT student insurance cover therapy?

Yes, the FIT student insurance covers therapy! While this insurance does not cover 100% of all therapy costs, it certainly takes a large load off of your out-of-pocket costs. Just how much the insurance covers depends on the therapist that you see, so read below for the breakdown of costs that you’ll pay per session.

How much does therapy cost with the FIT student insurance?

Therapists can either be in-network or out-of-network, which means that Aetna contracts with certain providers at a different price than those unaffiliated.

  • In-network therapist: You’ll have a $15 copay each session to pay upfront, then also have a bill for 5% coinsurance, which means you pay 5% of the therapist session cost.
  • Out-of-network therapists: For each session, you’ll be responsible for 30% coinsurance, so that’s 30% of the therapist session cost. A note that there is a $50 deductible that you will pay before this coinsurance kicks in.

Usually, the therapist or the counseling center will share with you the exact costs before you start. If you aren’t sure how much you owe per session, ask for help figuring it out! Therapists and counseling centers are often very well-versed in insurance coverage and will be able to help you. See full benefits here.

What mental health conditions does FIT-sponsored student insurance cover?

The FIT-sponsored student health insurance covers the following mental health conditions:

During either your intake session or one of your first appointments, your therapist will assign you a diagnosis for a mental health condition. This is to share with your health insurer and to guide the billing process. While your school will not be privy to this diagnosis, if you feel uncomfortable with reporting your diagnosis, consider finding a therapist who offers sliding scale therapy, which takes insurance out of the picture entirely.

What types of therapy does the FIT-sponsored student insurance cover?

This insurance will cover most types of mental health therapy, both inpatient and outpatient. It will cover many different therapeutic modalities, including:

This insurance will cover most diagnosis- and treatment-based therapy styles even past the list above.

What types of therapy does the FIT-sponsored student insurance NOT cover?

Similar to many other insurances, this insurance will not cover services unrelated to a diagnosable mental health condition. It does not cover acupuncture, hypnosis, functional medicine, or life coaching. It will also not cover therapies provided by a non-credentialed provider.

Does the FIT-sponsored student insurance cover online therapy?

Yes, in fact that’s the preferred method of therapy for many right now! Many therapists aren’t back to in-person sessions at this time and may require online appointments.

Do I need to go through the FIT student counseling center first before seeing an off-campus therapist?

You do not need to go through the FIT Counseling Services before finding a therapist. This opens the door to the hundreds of vetted, high-quality therapists in NYC!

Does the FIT Counseling Services provide any free counseling services?

Any student is eligible to receive treatment through the FIT Counseling Services office, though this office only offers 6-8 sessions at a time. For more long-term therapeutic needs, consider finding a non-FIT therapist.

When should I seek off-campus instead of on-campus therapy?

There are many reasons why most students seek off-campus therapy:

  • Lengthy waitlists: Sometimes, due to high volume of students needing services, you may have to wait weeks or months before starting treatment
  • Short-term vs. long-term: Because of the short-term nature of the Counseling Services therapy, those who hope to build a long-term relationship with a therapist may prefer to find one elsewhere
  • Specialized treatment: If you desire a specific, specialized type of therapy (such as Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy), this might not be available at the Counseling Services office. Instead, finding a therapist trained in this technique off campus is a better option.

How many providers are there close to campus that take this insurance?

With such a large city, NYC has hundreds of therapists to choose from! Find a curated list of therapists that take the FIT-sponsored student health insurance in each neighborhood across the city.