UCSD Employee Health Insurance

Last updated November, 2020

While many people are aware of the mental health crisis facing this generation’s college students, at times university staff also might find themselves looking for a therapist. The University of California San Diego strives to take care of its Triton employees by making benefits available not only for physical health but mental health too.

We’ve collated all behavioral health benefits offered to staff at USCD to make it easier for you to figure out how much coverage you have for therapy treatment. We’ve also made a list of vetted, high quality therapists in San Diego near you!

What is the UCSD employee insurance?

When you start your benefitted role at UCSD, you will have the option of the following health insurance plans:

You may change this insurance during the insurance open enrollment period that generally happens in the fall. Each plan has its own rates and coverage, so be sure to read the Summary and Benefits of each to find the one that fits you best!

Does the UCSD employee insurance cover therapy?

Yes, it does, no matter which plan you pick! The good news is that UCSD values mental health care for its employees and therefore ensures accessible therapy services. However, the coverage varies on which insurance you have - read on to learn how much coverage you have based on your insurance plan.

How much does therapy cost with the UCSD student insurance?

Here’s a breakdown of cost based on the UCSD insurance plan you chose:

A note that each plan varies and it’s important to verify your coverage before you start sessions (so there won’t be any surprises!). When considering where to find a therapist, don’t be afraid of searching for someone out-of-network! While it sounds like a hassle (and we all know insurance is complicated!), finding a therapist in San Diego can be easy using Zencare. Just know that “out-of-network” doesn’t automatically equal “out-of-pocket” and you still have some coverage so you don’t have to pay the entire therapy fee yourself.

How many providers are there near campus?

We’ve created a sizeable list of therapists in-network with Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser, and Managed Health Network to make it easier for you. There are also many out-of-network therapists from which to choose, which includes specialists, therapists with diverse identities, styles, personalities, and different locations.

What mental health conditions does the UCSD employee insurance cover?

Each plan offered through UCSD has its own coverage limitations, however all insurances cover the following conditions:

During the first few sessions with your therapist, you will receive a diagnosis. This is important because it is necessary for the insurance company to have a diagnosis in order to cover your session.

If you prefer not to use your insurance, feel free to ask your therapist if they accept sliding scale payments.

What types of therapy does the UCSD employee insurance cover?

Most insurances cover various types of therapy, including outpatient and inpatient therapy services, as well as different types of therapy approaches, including:

The therapies covered must be evidence-based and for the betterment of a mental health diagnosis.

What types of therapy does the UCSD employee insurance NOT cover?

Like all insurances, there must be a medically necessary reason to receive therapy - this is why you will get a diagnosis when you start working with your therapist. Each of the UCSD insurances are different, however none of them will cover non-evidenced based therapies or treatment from a non-credentialed provider.

Does the UCSD employee insurance cover online therapy?

Yes and it’s encouraged! With many therapists only offering online therapy sessions now, most insurances will cover teletherapy services as well as in-person sessions. This makes therapy more accessible for people with packed calendars, since you get to ditch the travel time!

Does UCSD provide any free counseling services for employees?

Yes, UCSD has a Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) that offers limited therapy sessions with licensed therapists. However, there are a few considerations to make before choosing to receive therapy from FSAP over an outside provider:

Do I need a referral before I start therapy?

No, you do not need a referral no matter which of the UCSD employee insurances you have. While some may require preauthorization, the therapist or counseling office will inform you ahead of time and guide you through which forms you may need to submit.