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Michelle  Tricamo

Michelle Tricamo

65 East 76th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $450 per session

We are often plagued by anxiety and stress that confuses or blocks us from moving forward. Sometimes we try to ignore these concerns because they make us feel uncomfortable, or worse, out of control. This can often lead to increased severity or even to paralysis. Through empathetic listening and a safe environment, I help guide you to learn more about yourself; to assist you in making sense of these strong emotions and upsetting thoughts; and to help you deal with difficulties at work, at home or with relationships in general. My hope is that through our work your confidence, competence, and assertion will grow so that you can feel in charge of your life and feel good about making choices independently.

Caitlin  Snow

Caitlin Snow

15 West 81st Street, New York, NY, 10024

Accepting new clients in-person
Out-of-pocket-fees: $450 per session

I find it a privilege to work with individuals at all stages of life. It is important to me to offer an environment that is comfortable and goal oriented, so that we can best achieve your therapeutic needs.

Jonathan  Rosen

Jonathan Rosen

17 East 97th Street, New York, NY, 10029

Accepting new clients in-person & online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $250 per session

Whether you are looking for a new perspective or are taking the first courageous step towards getting help for yourself or a loved one, I am here to support you. I believe in the core principles of support, trust, and empathy in helping you through this time. I specialize in taking evidence based approaches to treatment, and together we will work towards making positive and lasting change.

I utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and other evidence based practices in the treatment of anxiety, mood, and impulse control disorders. In addition to being a licensed psychologist, I am also an experienced certified school psychologist.

Bradley  Miller

Bradley Miller

350 Central Park West, New York, NY, 10025

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $400 per session

I am a psychiatrist and neuroscientist who provides evidence-based treatments to individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and a range of other emotional difficulties. Our first meeting starts with an in-depth evaluation with two goals. First, we define your current symptoms to develop an accurate diagnosis. Second, we take a broader view to understand where you may be stuck in your personal, relational, or professional growth. With this in mind, we develop a treatment plan collaboratively. This may include medications, talk therapy, or a combination of the two.
In addition to my clinical work, I conduct research and train residents at Columbia University. As a researcher, I strive to understand the causes of depression and anxiety. My research informs my clinical practice, and I bring the best evidence-based treatments to my patients.

Nancy  Violette

Nancy Violette

205 West End Avenue, New York, NY, 10023

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 - $130 per session

If you are looking for a trusted confidante to work with on the challenges that you are currently facing, I am your therapist. I approach problems from a variety of perspectives and we will find the right method for helping you to solve issues- or just to think about things, or just to explore your values, goals, ideas and conflicts in your life.

Eliot  LeBow

Eliot LeBow

323 West 96th Street, New York, NY, 10025

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $375 per session

It is difficult living with diabetes and even harder finding a therapist who truly understands what you go through on a daily basis. I live with diabetes everyday and have had to deal with it for over 40 years. With your input, this gives me unique insights into how to I can best support you and guide you to a happier and healthier you.

Yael  Schlenger

Yael Schlenger

590 West End Avenue, New York, NY, 10024

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $250 per session

Making the choice to engage in therapy means that you are ready to work on issues in your life that may be holding you back from achieving your goals or feeling fulfilled. I will work with you to help you make meaning of your experiences and to open up possibilities for different experiences.

Ira  Bindman

Ira Bindman

175 East 96th Street, New York, NY, 10128

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $200 per session

I offer a nonjudgemental, supportive therapeutic approach that respects your sense of self and helps you examine the challenges you’ve come to deal with and help you find solutions to those issues.

Sharon  Batista

Sharon Batista

214 East 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $250 - $400 per session

I believe in a personalized approach to each person’s concerns. If you are grappling with a medical illness, a difficult life transition, or a particular disorder that's interfering with your daily life, please don't hesitate to reach out. I strive to provide the best, evidence-based, modern treatment to suit your needs, and will work with you to get you to a point where you feel stronger and more empowered.

In addition to sessions in the office, your treatment will include access by phone and email (and at times video conferencing or text messaging, when necessary) to touch base regularly and keep you on track with your plan and treatment. In contrast to traditional practices, I very much encourage communication when outside the office.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Rodney  Freeze

Rodney Freeze

255 West 92nd Street, New York, NY, 10025

Waitlist available in-person
Out-of-pocket-fees: $125 - $150 per session

My name is Rodney Freeze, a licensed practitioner for 30 years, specializing in Gestalt and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

There are many reasons people come to therapy—frustrations with life or career, relationship issues... even ongoing anxiety or depression that may seem to take over their life. I also specialize in working with trauma -- deep pain related to loss... or any traumatic experience that leaves people feeling alone, broken, or unable to sustain relationships.

My approach is to help people ‘get out of their heads’ and focus more on the ‘here and now experience’ of what's happening in the body, as well as their emotions... it's an integrative, therapeutic process of stitching the experiences of your life together in a way that makes sense... so you can figure out what’s stopping you from moving forward, while also healing and letting go of any pain from your past.

We all have the abilities and strengths to make our lives work, we may just need support in identifying those strengths, while also getting rid of the thoughts, patterns or actions that get in the way of those natural abilities.

That's what I love about Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, it's a collaborative approach, and integrates every aspect of a person's experience: mind, body, emotions... even spirit. So, if you're looking for a therapist that’s creative, easy to connect with, and willing to meet your needs in a safe, personal, and respectful way... give me a call.

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