Zencare Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions For Providers

Last updated July 28th, 2019

How do Zencare testimonials work?

Clients who contact you via Zencare receive an email with the option to anonymously share a testimonial or private feedback about their experience.

Clients can share a testimonial, which you have the option to share publicly, and/or private feedback. While Zencare therapists are automatically opted into the testimonial system, you can opt out of it at any time.

Testimonials are shared privately with you, and it is up to you to have them publicly appear on your profile, or keep it private. You'll still have complete control over what appears on your profile, and can choose which testimonials to share publicly. We will never post these testimonials publicly without your consent.

What is the goal of the testimonial system?

  1. Empower therapists to build their online reputation with testimonials that are ethically solicited.
  2. Help clients find a great provider fit while ensuring the ongoing development of a quality network.
  3. Provide clients a way to share private feedback so therapists can improve their practice when referrals don’t work out.

How is Zencare’s testimonial system different from other review sites?

Zencare’s testimonial system differs from existing review sites in two ways: (1) we have a closed feedback loop, and (2) we focus on testimonials, not reviews.

Most existing review sites have open feedback loops, meaning anyone, even a non-client, can review a provider. This affects how prospective clients view the quality of a provider’s practice when searching online. Zencare testimonials come only from clients who reach out to you via Zencare, creating a more trustworthy closed feedback loop.

Zencare's system is also a testimonial system, not a review or star system. It is in your hands and managed by you. Feedback is shared anonymously and privately with you in order to give you the opportunity to improve your practice in areas you may not otherwise be unaware of. You can also opt out of the testimonial system at any time with no penalty in search results or ranking.

What measures do you take to protect client privacy?

Zencare testimonials are anonymously posted on provider profiles. We explain to users that the testimonials are completely optional, anonymous, and that they may be shared on the provider’s profile. Any personally identifiable information or profanity is removed and not published.

Can I use Zencare testimonials on my website or other platforms?

No, testimonials that are shared by Zencare users may only be used on the Zencare platform. They may not be used on personal websites or other therapist directories and review sites; they can only be used for the duration that your Zencare membership is active.

However, we do hope to develop a system by which you can embed your testimonials on your personal websites — more on this to come soon!

Can I use testimonials from my website or other sources on Zencare?

No, testimonials from other sources may not be used on your Zencare profile. Because the trust and reliability of this system is dependent on a closed-loop process, only testimonials submitted by Zencare users can be added to the profiles. This helps prospective clients know that testimonials came from real users who reached out to you!

What happens if I leave Zencare? Can I take testimonials with me?

Zencare testimonials can only be used while you have an active membership with Zencare; cancelling your membership will result in deletion of your testimonials. You cannot use Zencare testimonials on other platforms, as it is a unique offering and benefit we provide our members.

What happens to existing testimonials?

This policy applies to Zencare users and testimonials moving forward; previously provided testimonials will not be deleted, and new testimonials will not be added from non-Zencare clients to uphold the integrity of the closed-loop testimonial system.

Is this ethical?

In developing the Zencare testimonial system, it was important for us to ensure that the client-therapist relationship be respected and that it be an ethical practice. We’ve discussed this with thought leaders, including a psychiatrist who serves on the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and a psychologist who has been on the boards for social workers.

Based on the thought leaders we’ve consulted, this system does fall within the ethical guidelines for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors, as we, Zencare as a third party, are requesting these, independent of the providers, to ensure the quality of our network. We also explain to users that the testimonials are completely optional, anonymous, and an ask by Zencare, not the therapist. Finally, we strongly encourage existing clients to bring up any concerns and feedback they have with their therapists directly.

There is room for interpretation, however, so we welcome you to make the decision that is best for your practice. If it is not a good fit for your practice, we’re happy to respect your decision to opt out here.