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It is our intention to assist you with research backed, evidence-based therapy to cognitively recalibrate and help you heal/manage your psychological circumstances with confidence. We are convinced that cultivating an informed and resilient disposition toward health challenges is tantamount to thriving. Although it can seem difficult at first, this is achievable. In life, and through work, one thing is crystal clear: The most important space in the world is in-between your ears.

Our mission at Beacon Counseling, LLC is to provide mental health services by a licensed processional in a domain most comfortable for you. As your clinicians, we treat all ages, families, and couples to cope with their psychological issues and create a briefcase of tools for success.


What services does your practice offer?


-Neurodevelopmental disorders

-Bipolar and related disorders

-Depressive disorders

-Anxiety disorders

-Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders

-Trauma and stressor related disorders

-Somatic Disorders



-Constructing parenting strategies

-Coping with loss (ex: divorce, death)

-Breaking down barriers and foster effective communication

-Constructive communication to empower children

-Strategies for positive reinforcement


-Counseling for blended and non-traditional families

-Facilitating family mediation



-Identifying behavior and habits that are corrosive to success

-Developing resilience and independence

-Radical acceptance of person and place

-Gain awareness of daily habits, use time more efficiently

-Overcome personal barriers

-Counseling for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ+) in a safe, nonbiased, allied environment




-Education about health

-Balancing work, life, and fitness goals

-Implementing positive behaviors and practices

-The difference between healthy and unrealistic expectations

What are your practice's specialties?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective way to treat many mental illnesses. Research suggest that CBT leads to significant improvement and quality of life. CBT has demonstrated to be as, if not more effective than other forms of treatment or psychiatric medication. CBT has ample scientific evidence that the methods developed create change. In this manner, CBT differs from many other forms of treatment and is based on several core principles: Psychological problems are based, in part, on faulty ways of thinking and learned poor patterns of behavior. People suffering from psychological problems can learn to cope, thereby relieving their symptoms. CBT works to change behavioral patterns; the therapist and client work collaboratively to develop an understanding of problems and develop treatment strategies. CBT helps individuals become their own therapists. Through exercises and homework clients develop coping skills to change their own thinking, emotions, and behavior.

Why should I choose your practice?

I spent 2+ years working at a residential substance abuse facility where I focused on individual and group programing and counseling. In addition to studying mental health in Europe and teaching children in Nepal, I have been working in private practice since 2017.

I am an affiliate of Southington Pediatrics Associates and a community mental health resource as indicated by The Early Childhood Collaborative of Southington’s (ECCS). ECCS awarded my practice a grant to teach a course on parenting strategies.

Prior to working in mental health, I deployed twice with the US Army Infantry. For my participation in combat operations, I was awarded several medals including the Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism medal. I was honorably discharged as a Seargent and went on to research PTSD and TBIs with Yale University and the Dept. of Veteran Affairs.

How does payment work at your practice?

As with most practices, our fees vary depending on the type of session required. The intake fee is based on the first 60 minute appointment and requires a $50 deposit in advance. All other appointment fees are based on a typical 45 minutes session. Payment is due at the time of appointment. To view our financial policy, please visit our website.

We do not accept insurance at this time. We highly recommend that you check with your insurance company to see if your plan allows for reimbursement of out -of-network claims. While you will be the one responsible for filing a claim, we will do our best to provide for you, upon request, the documentation required by your provider.

Head of Practice's Licensure

Connecticut: 46.004917


English, Malayalam


Anxiety - Coping with excessive worry, nervousness, or stress; intense discomfort in social settings (social anxiety); sudden and intense feelings of panic (panic disorder)

Child mental health - Specialized strategies for common childhood disorders including attention issues, attachment problems, behavioral disorders, learning disorders, autism spectrum diagnoses, and feeding or elimination issues.

Couples counseling - Addressing relationship challenges and life transitions; strengthening communication and feelings of security, desire, connection, and love

Depression - Providing support and promoting healing of hopelessness, low motivation and energy, sadness, irritability, sleep disturbance, and loss of interest and pleasure in life

Drug addiction & abuse - Tolerating emotional discomfort; reducing or eliminating reliance on drugs; development of new coping mechanisms for stress and suffering.

LGBTQIA, gender, & sexuality topics - Exploring topics of sexuality, gender, and identity; coping with discrimination and oppression; navigating relationship, family, and cultural challenges


  • Adults (24+)
  • Children (<12)
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Teenagers (13-18)
  • Young adults (18-24)

Locations & Hours

Currently booking next day appointments with our newest clinician, Aleena Santhosh, LMSW (even weekends).


Beacon Counseling, LLC is not in-network with any insurances.

Read about the benefits of seeing an out-of-network provider here.

Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions:$175 (45min)

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This provider can support you in getting reimbursement from your insurance company if you are seeking out-of-network reimbursement. Here are the out-of-network billing options they provide:

  • Super billing
Payment options
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
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Frequency of sessions this provider offers to see clients once you are an established client.

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Every other week
  • Every other month
  • Multiple times a week
  • As needed

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