Couples counselors in Rhode Island

Christopher  Cardin

Christopher Cardin

Smithfield, RI, 02917

Out-of-pocket-fees: $60 - $75 per session

No issue is too big or too small. I am here to listen and support you on your journey. We will work in a nonjudgmental environment where we can focus on your goals and move at your pace. We will work to improve symptoms and gain a better understanding of ourselves. My aim is to help individuals, couples, and families learn new skills to help enhance their overall wellbeing. The therapeutic process is a wonderful opportunity for us to grow. I have relocated back to Rhode Island after a lengthy foray in NYC. There is always time to discuss sci-fi novels and hockey games - most importantly I am here to help you.

Sara B. Knight

Sara B. Knight

1130 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown, RI, 02852

Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 per session

Therapy is a mode of relational experience. Over the course of the initial sessions, I endeavor to build a trusting and open relationship with my clients so that we can address their major areas of concern in a high-functioning interaction where strengths and competencies are highlighted, resources are identified, and goals are discovered and evolve.

Note on sliding scale due to COVID-19: When I offer a sliding scale to my clients, we have a conversation through which we arrive at a reasonable fee based on their honest assessment of what is affordable to them.  We work it out together.  No one should be without access to good therapy, especially during these extremely difficult times.  That said, for those who are experiencing less financial hardship may elect to pay more, their generosity will offset the need of others and allow me to care for more individuals in greater need.  We are in this together.

Greg  Carpenter

Greg Carpenter

21 Brook Street, Seekonk, MA, 02771

Out-of-pocket-fees: $125 per session

It is important to find the therapist that feels like the right fit. We come with different personalities, ideas and tools about how to be helpful. My passion for working as a counselor is to help you live life from your solid and centered self.
As I hear your story, we identify your gifts/resources, find obstacles that keep you stuck and work together to release them. Sometimes that means being focused on your outer world and environment. Other times, it means turning inward to discover and let go whatever is keeping you blocked.
I believe life is meant to be experienced, enjoyed and have purpose. You are a unique individual and deserve an approach that is customized to fit your needs (no one-size-fits all). We are all much more than any label or diagnosis. Guiding me in my work as a counselor is a passion for helping people to find their voice, to feel more awake, alive and empowered.

Scott  McDonald

Scott McDonald

North Kingstown, RI, 02852

Out-of-pocket-fees: $400 per session

Entering a therapeutic relationship isn’t easy for everyone. Comfort and “fit” are extremely important, and from the beginning, we respectfully explore and establish compatibility. My commitment is to create safety and protect space for the broadest possible range of thoughts and feelings. Given my extensive experience across many disciplines, I am open to, and encouraging of, a diverse range of approaches to achieving wellbeing. I meet you where you are and introduce effective strategies for lasting change.

Sage  Goodwin

Sage Goodwin

545 South Water Street, Providence, RI, 02903

Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 - $160 per session

I always feel honored and privileged to be allowed into my clients-into their depths with their trust. I believe that learning to be a therapist is a never-ending process, and that if I am asking my clients to be curious, I need to practice that in my own life. I have extensive training in many areas and bring them all into my work, tailoring the experience to each individual and couple. I will continue to acquire more tools, refine those I have, and keep digging deeper in my practice to meet people where they are, to hear what they want, and to challenge them to move towards more fulfillment. I want everyone to feel I am walking alongside them, working toward healing and beyond.
For individuals: There are many reasons to begin therapy, but typically people come to see me when they are feeling stuck or when life’s challenges feel overwhelming. We can collaborate to find new ways to look at stuck places that are internal (emotional, trauma, destructive thoughts, anxiety, depression, etc.) and/or external (relationships, work, financial, etc.).
For couples: Relationships are hard work and we all need help at times in navigating through stuck places. I am excited about emotionally focused couples therapy because it provides a real, emperically validated road map to getting unstuck and moving towards a deeper connection with your partner.

Timothy  Carlone

Timothy Carlone

1067 Warwick Avenue, Warwick, RI, 02888

Insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Beacon Health Options, Brown University Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), Harvard Pilgrim, Tricare, Tufts Health Plan, United Healthcare, Johnson and Wales University Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), University of Rhode Island (URI) Student Insurance (United Healthcare), RISD Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), United Healthcare Student Health Plan
Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 per session

The most important thing when searching for a counselor is finding someone with whom you feel comfortable enough to open up and tell the whole truth. I focus on establishing a relationship with clients which feel natural and easy in order to do the difficult work of making changes in our lives. I hope meeting with me helps you to feel hopeful about doing the work you need to do in your life. I want you to find great help and if I am not the right counselor for you I will help you find someone who meets your needs.

Hannah  Goodman

Hannah Goodman

310 Maple Avenue, Barrington, RI, 02806

Out-of-pocket-fees: $null - $110 per session

I believe that all of us can help ourselves once we have the tools and resources to do so. Through practice, commitment, and support, anyone can work through life stressors and transitions. Sometimes we need extra encouragement, and sometimes we need to learn those self-help skills in order to be able to help ourselves through a tough time. I believe in your inner strength and resilience and see my role as teacher/coach and sometimes cheerleader. I aim to help you discover how you want your life to be and then to help you figure out how to get there.

Kendra  Capalbo

Kendra Capalbo

193 Waterman Street, Providence, RI, 02906

Out-of-pocket-fees: $225 per session

Do you currently feel lost in your relationship? Has infidelity severed your connection, or have you stopped communicating the way you used to?  Do you no longer feel like you understand each other, or are your fights becoming more intense and frequent? Did you answer yes to any of these questions?  If so, I can help.

I am passionate about this work and as a result, have focused my entire practice on working with couples. I utilize a combination of evidenced based approaches (Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy – EFT) to help partners identify their negative cycles and navigate their relationship in a new way which leads to deeper connection and the ability to manage conflicts more effectively.

I would describe my style as direct, but compassionate. The truth is, therapy is work and a lot of that happens outside of the office. My expectation when working with a couple is that they will do what is required of them at home and not expect to simply put the effort in during the 90-minute session.

It is very important to remember when looking for a therapist that couples therapy is truly a different style than individual work.  Unfortunately, many clinicians do not have the specialized training to know how to effectively work with couples. I truly believe more harm than good can be done when clinicians try to do couples therapy as if they are doing individual therapy with two people in the room. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of asking any therapist you speak with what specific training he/she has in working with couples. Most graduate programs do not focus on it, or in some cases, include it at all.

I offer 30-minute complimentary sessions for couples who are considering working with me in my office on the East Side of Providence. I think it is crucial that the chemistry is right between myself and BOTH partners. If it is not, therapy is unlikely to be successful. We will use this session to determine if I am a good fit for your needs and proceed from there.

For clients such as upper level executives and professional athletes who are looking for a more discreet, convenient option for couples therapy, I offer sessions in your home, at a premium.  For clients interested in this service, I offer a 1-hour complimentary session at which point we will go over what this service entails, including the fee structure.

If you want your relationship to change and you want to reconnect with your partner, reach out now to set up a consultation.  The best time to take the first step was yesterday, the next best time is right now!

Rochelle  Bloom

Rochelle Bloom

365 Hope Street, Providence, RI, 02906

Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 per session

My practice is a safe place for you to come every week, where you can be yourself, be supported, and validated.

Sarah  Mermin

Sarah Mermin

16 Princeton Street, Newport, RI, 02840

Insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts Health Plan
Out-of-pocket-fees: $125 per session

I know it can be difficult to reach out for support. It takes courage. Please know that I hold all my clients with deep respect and compassion. I believe you already have what you need to know inside of you. Together we will uncover your authentic self- free of the protections you have had to develop in order to survive. It is my honor to accompany people through a transformation from surviving life to truly thriving.

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