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Alexandra Carone(She/Her/Hers)

Licensed Social Worker, LSW
Anxiety - Couples counseling-Parenting-Pregnancy, perinatal, postpartum mental health- Relationship issues-Transition to new parenthood-

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Professional statement

Alex Carone is a Licensed Social Worker and therapist based in Colorado, specializing in EMDR therapy, couples therapy and parent coaching. Alex compassionately assists clients facing various challenges, including relationship issues, life transitions, and the complexities of parenting. With a focus on enhancing family dynamics, Alex's practice is dedicated to guiding couples, parents, and individuals through their emotional and relational journeys.

In therapy sessions, Alex integrates EMDR therapy into her work with couples and parents, tailoring her approach to the unique needs of her clients. This approach not only addresses specific issues but also fosters overall emotional well-being and personal growth, ensuring a holistic therapeutic experience.

Alex's therapeutic style is rooted in curiosity and characterized by a blend of deep understanding, empathy, and practical strategies. She offers parents and couples more than just a scientific approach; she believes in creating a genuine relationship as the foundation of your work together, ensuring your conversations are not only insightful but also have moments of relatability and laughter. Her goal is to make therapy feel like a comfortable space where you can be yourself, share openly, and find levity even as you tackle tough stuff together.

With professional expertise and a personal commitment to each client, Alex offers virtual therapy for clients across Colorado including those in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Her practice emphasizes accessibility and flexibility (included evening session appointments), catering to the diverse needs of her clients while maintaining a focus on authentic connection and practical solutions.

Message to clients

Hi, I’m Alex. As a wife, mom, and licensed social worker specializing in virtual EMDR therapy, I bring a blend of professional expertise, personal insight, and relatability to every session.

As an EMDR therapist, at the core of my practice is a profound understanding of how our past experiences, present stressors, and future anxieties are intricately linked with the way we connect to ourselves, our partners, and our children. EMDR therapy is the key to unlocking this interconnectedness - while it is a method for addressing symptoms; it's also a pathway to rewire the brain, fostering new neural connections that reshape how we experience and respond to life's challenges. This process goes beyond cognitive integration; it taps into the body’s memory, integrating your mind and body for holistic healing.

Whether you're struggling with depression, anxiety, OCD, relationship issues, parental uncertainty, or personal stress, EMDR therapy can offer rapid relief while fostering lasting change. Together, we can transform the way you experience yourself and your relationships. You’ll discover how to communicate more effectively, build trust, and find joy in your roles as an individual, a partner, and a parent.

Work and Education

Years of Experience: 9 years

Something Soulful Psychotherapy, Therapist, Owner

University of Denver, Masters of Social Work, 2015
University of San Diego, BA Psychology , 2013


Colorado: LSW.0009924795

Supervisor: Sarah Murray (LCSW CSW.09923581)




Anxiety - Grappling with constant worry, a sense of unease in social situations, or experiencing panic attacks. I provide tools and strategies to manage anxiety, helping clients understand and mitigate these overwhelming feelings. Together, we work on identifying triggers and developing coping mechanisms to regain a sense of control and calm.

Couples counseling - Couples may be facing challenges or transitions, stuck in cycles of destructive conflict, feeling a disconnect in communication or a loss of intimacy. My approach is to create a space for open, honest dialogue, helping couples understand each other's perspectives, rebuild trust, and rekindle connection. We focus on enhancing communication skills and deepening emotional understanding.

Parenting - Helping parents understand their own internal triggers and manage their reactivity so they can show up for their child in a way that's aligned with their values. We create a framework for understanding your child's behavior and from there, develop and implement strategies to address challenges that arise throughout childrearing; managing stress and increasing support while deepening your connection with your child.

Pregnancy, perinatal, postpartum mental health - Addressing issues specific to women and families during the pregnancy and postpartum period, including coping with postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD and rage + adjusting to changes in family dynamics, and managing emotional wellness during this critical period. The focus is on providing support, understanding, and practical strategies to navigate this transformative phase.

Relationship issues - Individuals struggling in their relationships may be unclear about their needs and desires or find themselves repeating unhelpful patterns. Therapy offers a space to explore these dynamics, understand personal relationship needs, and work towards more fulfilling interactions. We focus on enhancing self-awareness and communication skills to improve overall relationship satisfaction.

Transition to new parenthood - New parents often experience a range of emotions as they adjust to their new roles. In therapy, we address the challenges of this transition, from shifts in identity to relationship dynamics with a partner. Support is provided to navigate these changes, ensuring parents feel equipped and confident in their new journey.


  • Adults (24+)
  • Couples
  • Parents

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  • Individual sessions:$200 (55min)
  • Initial session:$200 (55min)
  • Couples sessions:$200 (55min)
  • Initial Consult$0 (15min)

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Please note: I do not accept any insurance, my practice is private pay only.