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Christina Mathieson(She/Her/Hers)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT
ADHD-Adjustment difficulties & disorders-Communication issues- Relationship issues- Sexual health & dysfunction-Values clarification-

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Professional statement

Christina has harbored a lifelong commitment to aiding individuals in surmounting challenges and discovering paths to greater happiness and fulfillment. She perceives life as a mental climb, with each step offering an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

In her therapeutic practice, Christina is driven by the belief that everyone deserves to be heard and understood, irrespective of their background or life experiences. Demonstrating profound empathy and understanding during sessions, Christina creates a comfortable space for clients to openly share their struggles. Clients frequently commend her for her compassionate, non-judgmental approach and appreciate her capacity to offer fresh perspectives and practical tools to address their challenges.

With a diverse clientele, Christina has been privileged to assist individuals and couples in navigating an array of issues, from relationship dynamics to mental health concerns. A particular area of focus for her is supporting individuals and couples in exploring their sexuality within a safe and affirming environment. Committed to empowering clients in their sexual journey, Christina provides tools and resources for them to achieve confidence and empowerment.

In addition to her specialization in human sexuality, Christina boasts extensive experience helping clients navigate complex matters related to relationships, family dynamics, trauma, and mental health.

Christina's counseling approach is founded on collaboration and holistic support, recognizing the uniqueness of each person's journey towards improved mental and emotional health. Fostering a non-judgmental space, she empowers clients to explore their struggles and develop new strategies for overcoming them.

For logistical details, Christina offers telehealth services online, ensuring accessibility for clients throughout California. She is available Monday through Friday, providing flexibility to accommodate various schedules. Whether seeking guidance through challenging times or exploring sexuality and relationship improvement, Christina is a compassionate and experienced therapist, dedicated to assisting clients in moving forward with confidence and clarity.

Message to clients

Thank you for considering this therapeutic journey with me. I'm dedicated to helping you overcome challenges and find fulfillment, viewing life as a continuous mental climb, as Neale Donald Walsch says, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

In our sessions, I prioritize creating a safe and empathetic space, believing that everyone deserves to be heard and understood. Clients appreciate my compassionate, non-judgmental approach and the fresh perspectives and practical tools I provide.

With a diverse clientele, I've assisted individuals and couples in various areas, including exploring sexuality in a safe environment. My counseling approach is collaborative and holistic, crafting personalized plans for improved mental and emotional health. I offer telehealth services throughout California, ensuring accessibility, and am available Monday through Friday to accommodate diverse schedules. Whether you're navigating challenges or exploring personal growth, I look forward to supporting you on this transformative journey.


California: 115093




ADHD - Skill-building and support around organizational challenges, distracted attention, procrastination; building and maintaining healthy routines and structure

Adjustment difficulties & disorders - Support around adapting to new and/or challenging life circumstances; skill-building for improved stress management and reduction of anxiety.

Communication issues - Developing effective interpersonal skills in relationships with partners, families, and co-workers; using healthy methods of communication to convey needs and respond to others

Relationship issues - Understanding one’s wants and needs in relationships; exploring patterns of interaction, addressing concerns, and strengthening satisfaction in relationships and dating

Sexual health & dysfunction - Addressing emotional, physical, and biological concerns related to sexual intimacy and functioning; education and skill building around topics such as erectile dysfunction, orgasms, low libido, shame, and history of abuse; improving communication to realize a fulfilling sex life

Values clarification - Exploring one’s values, including their origins and how they impact daily decision-making and behaviors; making life changes according to these values and living a life aligned to one’s values


  • Adults (24+)
  • Couples
  • Parents
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions:$200 (50min)
  • Sliding scale:$180 - $200