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Elizabeth Co(She/Her/Hers)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
New YorkConnecticutNew Jersey
Self-actualization-Race & cultural identity- Trauma-Medical professionals' mental health-Neurodiversity-

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Professional statement

Liz Co (LCSW) works with deep thinkers looking for a therapist with soulful intelligence and the compassion of one who's been there. She especially connects with folks who are multiracial, children of immigrants, or otherwise feel like they bridge space between different groups.

Her clients are self-aware, down-to-earth, and stand-out smart, but they can’t feel their inherent worth, their own place in the world. They shower others with their creativity and abundance, but lose track of their own needs. So they end up feeling anxious, exhausted, and irritable.

Working so hard every day, to be amazing, invaluable and, you know, perfect, isn’t giving the connection or ease they’ve always wanted. They recognize (the hell out of) patterns they want to change, they hear whispers of their heart’s desires, and at some point, they just go for it.

Liz approaches therapy as a reality-based process, keeping one eye on the long game of transformative change, and the other on present needs, what's happening now. While it may look (and sometimes feel) like ‘just talking’, this is intense work that takes guts and commitment. But the payoff is hard to describe, because usually it’s a way of being that hardly seemed possible at the outset.

Part of Liz's job is to hold space for this work that feels secure, focused, and curious. Sessions happen in places that call for settling in and letting your shoulders drop a few inches, whether they’re inside, outdoors, or online. She warmly welcomes people who exist outside of dominant structures, and is deeply committed to learning about each person’s experience from them.

Message to clients

Hi, I’m Liz. I know, looking for a therapist is a really personal thing. So before you need to actually reach out, I want to give you a sense of my take on therapy.

As an investment: In order to make changes that you wish for, but can barely picture, you're spending your time, energy, and money. Beyond that, genuine transformation takes real courage, humility, and patience. If this were fast or easy, you'd have done it already, right?

As a relationship: In this process, you're choosing to trust someone with your truths— someone you don't know yet; and truths you may not even trust yourself with. The relationship that develops in therapy is designed to create a safe, secure container for our work together, develop new ways of relating, and free you to explore your unedited thoughts and feelings without taking care of the other person in the room.

As a path: Where does it go? Don’t know until we’re on it. How long is it? Not clear. What I can say is that we head in the general direction of your deepest truths. Along the way, we’ll see other people's truths masquerading as yours; learn how you defend against monsters that aren’t there (but probably were on previous paths); and we’ll pay close attention so we keep heading in the right direction. Spoiler: we're really just looking for the beginning of the path you *want* to be on.

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Work and Education

Years of Experience: 10 years

CarePlus NJ, Clinician
Private Practice, Therapist

New York University (NYU) Silver School of Social Work, MSW, 2014


New Jersey: 44SC05763300 - New York: 086609 - Connecticut: 13711




Self-actualization - You've done your years of self-exploration—you're keenly aware of your stuck spots, but you can't seem to shake them. Whether they show up as depression, shame, stress, disconnection... we can do the the work to get to the root, so you can grow into the full, unfettered you.

Race & cultural identity - How your racial/cultural/ethnic background relates to your family origins and personal identity. How those experiences, past and present, affect your ability to be your most authentic self.

Trauma - The word 'trauma' covers a lot of ground—continents. Trauma from childhood, especially, can show up in ways that aren't obvious— strange aspects of yourself that you've been aware of, but didn't seem related. Our understanding of trauma is not only booming in knowledge (like neurobiology) but also reclaiming wisdom that is centuries old. Healing from trauma is a full mind-body experience, and I can help.

Medical professionals' mental health - When you work in healthcare (emphasis on 'care') you're perpetually balancing your empathy in response to other people's pain, with shielding yourself enough to face your days without becoming a disconnected automaton. Hoo. And that doesn't even touch the normal work-related stressors.

Neurodiversity - You don't need to be diagnosed on the autism spectrum to feel the effects of a nervous system that just works differently. Being built in a way that feels profoundly different from others (to say nothing of how their behavior seems like a mysterious game with strange and secret rules) can be exhausting, frustrating, and isolating. Understanding and valuing your own way of being in the world is key to figuring out the rest of it.


  • Adults (24+)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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