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Master of Arts (MA) - Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Anxiety -Identity development- Trauma-Panic attacks / panic disorder- Life transitions-Medical professionals' mental health-

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Professional statement

Julie A. Kaufman is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor providing telehealth services in MN and WI. She specializes in helping adults and older adolescents experiencing problems related to identity, anxiety, panic, sadness, self-advocacy, trauma, life transitions, and grief.

Julie is a trauma-informed and holistic provider. The foundation of her approach is wellness oriented, psychodynamic, strengths-based, and non-pathologizing.

Julie uses traditional evidence-based talk therapy practices along with the experiential integration of yoga, movement, mindfulness, and artistic expression. The blending of these approaches helps people learn the language of their bodies, the parts of self within, and the connection between the two.

Julie's approach has been influenced by the works and theories of Alfred Adler, Carl Jung, Richard Schwartz, Eric Byrne, William Glasser, Viktor Frankl, Thich Nat Hahn, Pema Chodron, Gabor Mate', Kazimierz Dabrowski, Dan Siegel, Bessel Van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Pat Ogden, and Wayne Dyer; she utilizes Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dance and Movement Therapy (DMT), Creative Expression, Feminist Psychology, Individual Psychology, Narrative Psychology, Somatic Psychology, Positive Psychology, Existential Psychology, and Yoga Theory.

Message to clients

Therapy is the sacred experience of self-exploration and evolution. It is the practice of nurturing and healing the parts of us that have been historically shamed and shunned. It helps us cultivate the art of engaging life from a place of peace, presence, courage, compassion, kindness, and purpose. It includes the examination of the values and beliefs that govern our interactions with the world and then distinguishing the difference between those we actually hold from those that have been imposed or conditioned. It is the process of clarifying what we stand for, what we want, and what we don't; it is the process of freeing oneself ... not fixing. It's learning the language of our bodies, the parts within us, and the connection between the two ... and it is within the therapy relationship we begin to re-author how we experience the events of our lives.

Therapy is the foundational work that helps bring us into alignment with the truest, most organic part of ourselves ... the part that existed before the wounds of living.

My role is to help others navigate this journey of transformation ... and it would be my honor and privilege to join you on yours.

Work and Education

Years of Experience: 8 years

Intentional Wellness Counseling, LLC, Holistic Psychotherapist & Owner of Intentional Wellness Counseling

NICABM, The Treating Trauma Master Series, 2022
NICABM, The Advanced master Program on the Treatment of Trauma, 2022
Adler Institute for Continuing Education, Clinical Supervision Certification Course, 2022
PESI, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP): Two-day Competency Conference, 2022
PESI, (CCTP=II) Complex PTSD Clinical Workshop: A Comprehensive Approach to Accurately Assess and Effectively Treat Clients with Chronic, Repeated, and/or Developmental Trauma, 2022
Person-Centered Tech, How to Protect Clients and Comply with HIPAA's Device Security Standards , 2021
PESI, 2-Day Trauma Conference: The Body Keeps Score - Trauma Healing with Bessel van der Kolk, MD, 2020
PESI, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Made Easy: Innovative Techniques for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, & Personality Disorders, 2019
Person-Centered Tech , Practicing via Telemental Health (all modules completed), 2019
The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, EMDR 50-Hour, 2018
Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Essentials of CBT: The Beck Approach, 2018
PESI, Rewire the Anxious Brain: Certificate Course in Applied Neuroscience for Treating Anxiety, Panic, and Worry, 2018
PESI, Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP) Training Course: Applied Neuroscience for Treating Anxiety, Panic, and Worry, 2018
PESI, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Certificate Course, 2018
Marianne Wells Yoga School, Costa Rica Immersive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2017
Adler Graduate School, MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2016
Hamline University, BA in Psychology and Exercise Physiology, 1992


Minnesota: 2384 - Wisconsin: 7779




Anxiety - Coping with excessive worry, nervousness, or stress; intense discomfort in social settings (social anxiety); sudden and intense feelings of panic (panic disorder)

Identity development - Understanding, accepting, and strengthening one’s sense of self through the exploration of family, work, and personal values; addressing issues such as, race, class, gender, and sexual orientation, in the context of self experience

Trauma - Coping and healing after threatening or scary events, such as witnessing accidents or experiencing sexual, verbal, emotional, or physical abuse

Panic attacks / panic disorder - Brief, intense periods of overwhelming fear or anxiety

Life transitions - Coping with difficult or impactful life changes, such as moving to a new area, relationship transitions, child rearing, or career changes; learning self-care to better manage resulting stress

Medical professionals' mental health - Support navigating work-related expectations and stress; addressing issues of burnout, hierarchical pressures, and vicarious trauma


  • Adults (24+)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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  • Individual sessions:$160 (60min)
  • Initial session:$225 (90min)

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