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Liz Sheehan

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Peak performance-Life purpose & meaning-Anxiety -Emotion regulation-ADHD-

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Professional statement

Liz Staples is a Life Coach, Therapist, Personal & Professional Development Consultant and Private Practice Owner based in Austin, TX. Liz is on a mission to help people move through life mindfully & embrace their authentic selves. This mission is based on the belief that cultivating mindfulness and authenticity allows individuals to live out their life’s purpose and become more connected to themselves, others, and the world. Liz joins clients who are truly ready for growth, open to the self-expansion, and want to live out their life’s mission!

Liz’s practice, You Do You Life, views life coaching and therapy as integrative disciplines. Liz utilizes a variety of theory-based, therapeutic approaches alongside a life-changing understanding of coaching to help clients achieve their goals and carry out their dreams. In session, Liz works with you to uncover what you truly want in life and develop the skillset to make it happen. You will work together to identify what’s holding you back and begin taking necessary steps to heal and increase wellbeing. The process is collaborative; Liz’s clients value on-going learning and practice the embodiment of concepts learned outside of session.

Liz consistently keeps her focus through on-going education & trainings; her desire to see human beings flourish fuels her hunger for being a lifelong learner. Liz’s style can best be described as supportive and direct; she is dedicated to providing a non-judgmental space & a relationship in which you feel connected & understood. Her greatest joy is witnessing her client’s transformation from disempowering states of anxiety, emotional reactivity & uncertainty to empowering states of felt confidence & clarity, increased joy and living as the author of their own narratives!

Message to clients

We’ve all got doubts, insecurities, and stories that our ego has collected along our life’s journey. We’re human. And we all make mistakes, in fact, those mistakes are necessary for us to learn and ultimately grow. What we don’t want is our ego in the driver’s seat calling the shots, keeping us frozen and confined. Ego narrows our scope and prevents us from seeing the panoramic view we need in order to transform.

The learned approach we need to become unfrozen and gain spaciousness is mindfulness. Moving through life mindfully means we’re consciously aware and noticing the world around us, as well as our inner world, without judgement, attachment or resistance. To really know yourself requires this conscious awareness; there’s so much happening underneath the surface on an unconscious level.

Your mindset is key. What are the beliefs carrying you through your day? What’s directing your actions, thoughts and emotions? We’ll create a mindset of empowerment; one full of beliefs that mobilize you forward. My hope is for you to live a life beyond what you thought was possible; for you to feel how empowering beliefs can change your nervous system, daily efforts, relationships, and overall purpose. Life is about growth. Life isn’t something we’re meant to merely get through. We’re here to create, connect and thrive. Let's do it together!

Work and Education

Years of Experience: 11 years

You Do You Life , Owner, Consultant, Coach, Therapist
Bluebonnet Trails Community Services , Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts
Bridge2Rwanda, Director of Behavioral Health

EMDR International Association, EMDR Trained , 2020
Denver Seminary -CACREP ACCREDITED, MA Clinical Mental Health , 2013
Texas A&M University, BA Political Science , 2009


Texas: 75111




Peak performance - Conquer your mind; remove interference from thoughts & emotions. Perform at your best in everything you do, seek mastery in your life’s mission.

Life purpose & meaning - A deep knowing, a feeling that arises. Uncover your true nature that’s existed since childhood & what pulls your attention. Pursuing your exact purpose makes the mundane tasks enjoyable; it's why you are here.

Anxiety - Understand the face of anxiety, your relationship to it. Anxiety, like all emotions, deliver messages. Understand how you’ve been conditioned, who you truly are & you will experience freedom.

Emotion regulation - We are emotional beings. The only truth exists as your felt sense; it’s your guide. Decipher your true voice & change your relationship to your emotions.

ADHD - We can overcome anything. We remove the illness model. Learn to see yourself differently and structure your world in service of focus.


  • Adults (24+)
  • Parents
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


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  • Individual sessions:$250 (50min)
  • Initial session:$250 (50min)

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