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Maggi Colwell(She/Her/Hers)

Master of Science, MS - Art Therapy
New YorkDelaware
Childhood trauma-Suicidal ideation-Shame-Perfectionism-Complex PTSD (C-PTSD)-Dreamwork-

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Professional statement

Maggi Colwell is a Jungian oriented art therapist in private practice. She specializes in working with overachieving women who consider themselves people-pleasers, perfectionists, and caretakers. Maggi takes her clients further in therapy by utilizing a depth therapy approach. Clients resolve regrets, make sense of the past, and get control over how past experiences are affecting current situations. Maggi works with clients to create individualized treatment for each client that goes beyond dry, manualized programs. This approach utilizes theories of Carl Jung in which the images from clients’ artwork and dreams are used to inform the course of therapy as an effective way to treat trauma and express complex emotions.

Depth art psychotherapy treats trauma by engaging with the visual and emotional centers of the brain. Persistent and repetitive nightmares can change with this treatment approach so that clients can metabolize these nightly messages rather than running from these scary symptoms.

In therapy, Maggi helps clients become more comfortable with physical symptoms and sensations to get out of their head and into their bodies. Maggi does this with art therapy, guided meditation, and grounding, focusing exercises. From there, Maggi explores with clients their values, and helps them get their unspoken needs met and gain a sense of guided purpose. These needs may include setting limits, trusting their intuition, life satisfaction, rest, and eliminating burnout.

In addition to art therapy training, Maggi has several years of training in dream work and archetypes. They are continuing this training as a training candidate with the CG Jung Institute Zurich.

Maggi works with people online in New York and Delaware Mondays through Thursdays. Contact Maggi for specific time availability.

Message to clients

You’ve done therapy before and know all the run of the mill coping skills. You might have even been told, "you can manage this on your own now." You can usually talk your way out of that nasty voice in the back of your head, but everything feels like something else be vigilant about. There are 168 hours in a week. The hour with me is a fulcrum that reorients you to your center. It's a space for deep listening, curiosity, and creativity. The rest of your life may feel like chaos, but when you turn inward in depth therapy, your dreams will give you keys to open the door to a relationship with those neglected parts of you. Those parts are crying out to your acting out such as internal criticism, overwhelming feelings of guilt, or persistent migraines, skin issues, stomach aches, or fatigue.

We'll embrace them all as part of your symbolic nature so that you can use your dreams to guide you to where you'll feel happier, rested, and more confident. We’ll wrestle with the dark parts and make sense of the scary bits.

I'll work with you to go deeper for fuller, long-term healing of your past that goes beyond managing symptoms.

You don't need to have talent or prior art experience to do art therapy. You just have to show up and commit to yourself.

Work and Education

Years of Experience: 6 years

Chiron Art Therapy, Art Therapist
Delaware Guidance , Community Therapist
Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Art Therapist

Art Therapy Credentials Board, ATR-BC, 2020
Assisi Institute, Masters Dream Pattern Analyst, 2019


Delaware: AT-0010005 - New York: 002725




Childhood trauma - Learning how traumatic events in childhood can translate into adulthood; processing through difficult memories with the goal of moving past the experience and lingering symptoms

Suicidal ideation - Support living with intense pain, distress, and feelings of persistent hopelessness; strengthening meaningful relationships and experiences in one’s life

Shame - Exploring how shame shows up in one’s life and the origins of this shame, especially in specific situations or environments; processing through this shame and developing an empowerment to feel less ashamed in daily life

Perfectionism - Coping with feelings of anxiety, stress, self-criticism, and procrastination; addressing unrealistic expectations of one’s self and negatively comparing self to others

Complex PTSD (C-PTSD) - Recovering from the impact of long-term, repeated traumatic events, such as emotional abuse and neglect

Dreamwork - Jungian dreamwork analyzing symbolism in dreams for personal guidance, spiritual development, and shadow work.


  • Adults (24+)

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Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions:$195 (50min)

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It is possible to pay with an HSA account. Intensive sessions and/or longer sessions are available.

Therapy Groups

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Dreamwork Art Therapy Group

Dreamwork group provides education about understanding your dreams and how to use them to gain insight and make changes in your life. We utilize art materials to better understand the symbolism. Group discussion and support.

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Mindfulness Art Therapy

Mindfulness practices for stress relief involving meditation, breath-work, and art therapy. The group meets weekly and will provide you with exercises, tools to try at home, and support from other group members facilitated by a licensed art therapist.

Client testimonials

"Maggi skill in listening and reflecting is supported by her understanding of the processes I am intent on pursuing with her help: Shadow and Dream work. Maggi's reflections are extremely helpful, and she keeps me focused and directed week to week so that I feel supported in an effective process."
- Zencare client January 2024

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