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Updated April 14, 2023

Specialties & Expertise

  • Anxiety
  • Artists' mental health
  • Divorce & separation
  • Existential crisis & challenges
  • Loss, grief, and bereavement
  • Men's health

Professional statement

Matthew Morse is a licensed psychotherapist that meets clients via Zoom. As a result of his personal history and years of work in end-of-life care, his primary area of expertise is helping clients to work through Loss and Grief. His other specialties are working with runaway Anxiety and Addiction(s).

Loss can mean more than the death of a loved one. The loss or losses that hit you might include the loss of your marriage, the loss of a romantic connection, the loss of your job or the loss of your health. Loss and death come to all of us, and Matthew is here to validate the very real heartache and wild unfairness that you might be experiencing. But his work is also about the re-orientation, the re-creation and the long-term resilience that can arise through your grief pilgrimage.

Matthew's other niche, Anxiety, is sometimes called the “common cold” of mental disorders, but it can be really quite painful. You don’t sleep well at night, you feel strung out during the day, you’re irritable and physically tense: it damages your relationships. The good news is that therapy and the right practices of the body, speech and mind can help you to turn down the volume on your anxiety, so that you can live a better life.

Prior to becoming a therapist, Matthew worked for twenty years in the publishing and luxury goods industries. he has a natural rapport with adults working a demanding career and perhaps raising a family. He also understands young professionals and creative artists navigating a healthy work-life balance.

Matthew's sincere hope is that everyone reading this will find a therapist that they can deeply connect with. Please feel free to contact him if you feel that he might be the right therapist for you.

Message to clients

Talk therapy (psychotherapy) is an ancient wisdom tradition that begins and ends in the client-therapist alliance. It involves a sense of mutual warmth, vulnerability and trust. As a therapist, I'm long on validating your experience and am naturally curious about you and how you came to be who you are. Some of the great takeaways that you might experience through therapy include:

A deeper and more precise emotional intelligence

An understanding of your dominant attachment style

Insight into your go-to adaptive/defense mechanisms...both positive and negative

More resilient interpersonal skills

Physical and emotional stress reduction

An over-all deeper feeling of being at home in the world

I'm steeped in a variety of evidence-based practices of the body, speech and mind. If you've had some experience with mindfulness and the views of interdependence and non-theism resonate with you, then I can help you to further explore your emotional pain and interpersonal challenges through the lens of Buddhist psychology. I'm also trained in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) for treatment-resistant cases.

But, my job is to meet you where you are at, and a secular-Existential approach or Psychodynamic exploration might "vibe" much more deeply with you. Perhaps you find great meaning in the natural world, or through painting, or film, or great literature...or family and friendship?

I'm not an old-school poker-faced therapist. First and foremost, I'm curious to hear your story...but I'm also happy to disclose my personal experiences and insights if and when it seems appropriate.


Anxiety - Coping with excessive worry, nervousness, or stress; intense discomfort in social settings (social anxiety); sudden and intense feelings of panic (panic disorder)

Artists' mental health - Understanding of highly creative minds; goal setting related to the artistic and creative process; support finding meaningful balance in one’s life

Divorce & separation - Questioning or feeling unsatisfied in your relationship; contemplation and navigation of separation; addressing issues of power, voice, and communication challenges

Existential crisis & challenges - Supportive exploration of meaning and purpose in one’s life; finding one’s path in the face of existential anxiety, dread, and feelings of meaninglessness

Loss, grief, and bereavement - Emotionally preparing for the anticipated passing of a loved one; managing feelings and reactions to a death or loss of significance; support during the process of healing and acceptance

Men's health - Expertise in working with adult men; providing a safe and understanding space to address life challenges and promote physical and mental health


  • Adults (24+)
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Young adults (18-24)


  • Aetna
  • Aetna International

Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions: $200 (50min)
  • Initial session: $200 (50min)

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Online Sessions (New York)
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  • Daytime (10am - 1pm)
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Regular Hours
  • Mon 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM via Zoom
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Work and Education

Years of Experience: 4 years

Calvary Home Hospice, Bereavement Counselor , 2017 - 2022
New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell, Interfaith Spiritual Counselor, 2016 - 2016

Fordham University, MA Clinical Counseling, 2020
Mount Sinai Hospital, CPE Training, 2016
Bellevue Hospital , CPE Training, 2015


New York: 012778