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Miklos Hargitay(He/Him/His)

Psychologist, PsyD
New York
Trauma- Sexual health & dysfunction- Anxiety -Sex addiction-Complex PTSD (C-PTSD)-Men's health-

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Professional statement

Dr. Miklos Hargitay is a clinical psychologist located in Manhattan, New York. He specializes in working with individuals and couples experiencing relationship stress, sexual dysfunction, and distress related to trauma. He is a certified EFT Therapist and an AASECT Sex Therapist.

His therapy approaches include Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, a dynamic and experiential model focusing on helping partners better speak to one another and identify negative cycles that can make it hard for intimacy to grow. EFT can help couples better understand negative feedback cycles that are often simply attempts to find connection and through accessing vulnerability and sharing it with their partner in session, generate healthier feedback cycles that foster connection and bonding.

He also utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, two cognitive and mindfulness models focusing on helping individuals identify their thoughts and make meaningful choices in life that matter to them. ACT and Mindfulness based interventions help individuals develop greater awareness of their inner private experiences, gain crucial distance from them so as to gain perspective, and make choices that are responsive rather than reactive.

He is also a trained sex therapist, helping clients who are experiencing distress related to sexual functioning and impacts of trauma or relationship distress on their overall sexuality.

Dr. Hargitay is currently working in a hybrid model, meeting both in person and over Zoom with clients.

Message to clients

If you have ever struggled to make changes in your life due to past adversities, current stressors, or self imposed expectations, you're not alone. You may be struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or other barriers that make it difficult to relate to others or feel that you have a space of relative safety. In my clinical experience, this is precisely when therapy can be a vital avenue for self discovery, reflection, and change. I have found that there is a tremendous reservoir of strength you can tap into, allowing you to become more mindful, self compassionate, and dedicated to making the changes that are important to you.

I enjoy working with clients who have experienced anxiety, depression, and who are struggling with the effects of trauma. As a white cisgender male therapist, I offer a non judgmental, safe and secure environment in which I can provide clinical expertise, help clients process experiences and reduce avoidance of painful memories.

The decision to meet with a therapist is not an easy one, particularly if you have had negative experiences in the past. If and when you decide to take that first, second, or third step, my duty is to make the transition smooth. My role is to help facilitate meaningful discussions and to support you in your healing journey. I look forward to meeting you.

Work and Education

Years of Experience: 6 years

Center for Relational Fulfillment, Clinical Psychologist
Manhattan Therapy Collective, Clinical Psychologist
Sex Abuse Treatment Center, Post-Doctoral Fellow

William James College, PsyD, 2018


New York: 02-3458-01 - New Jersey: 35SI00705700




Trauma - Coping and healing after threatening or scary events, such as witnessing accidents or experiencing sexual, verbal, emotional, or physical abuse

Sexual health & dysfunction - Addressing emotional, physical, and biological concerns related to sexual intimacy and functioning; education and skill building around topics such as erectile dysfunction, orgasms, low libido, shame, and history of abuse; improving communication to realize a fulfilling sex life

Anxiety - Coping with excessive worry, nervousness, or stress; intense discomfort in social settings (social anxiety); sudden and intense feelings of panic (panic disorder)

Sex addiction - Building strategies to reduce harmful sexual behaviors; coping with difficult emotions, thoughts, and urges; maintaining healthy relationships

Complex PTSD (C-PTSD) - Recovering from the impact of long-term, repeated traumatic events, such as emotional abuse and neglect

Men's health - Expertise in working with adult men; providing a safe and understanding space to address life challenges and promote physical and mental health


  • Adults (24+)
  • Couples
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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  • Individual sessions:$250 (50min)
  • Initial session:$250 (50min)
  • Couples sessions:$250 (50min)

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