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Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Holistic career development -Transition to and from college-Career clarity-Career pivoting and change-Workplace stress-Communication skills-Life coaching-
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Professional statement

Neal Sardana is a Licensed Professional Counselor, career coach, and founder of Authentic Career Wellness in Cheshire, CT. He specializes in career counseling and support through a therapeutic lens. His practice is a blend of counseling and coaching for all things career-related, including exploring skills and interests on a deeper level; gaining a better understanding of what a career means to you and what your family’s expectations may be; navigating starting or leaving a job; changing careers, and/or navigating work-related stress and anxiety.

Bringing experience from diverse university & career counseling settings, Neal knows that a major part of the career process is telling an authentic life story. He helps his clients discover their authentic self and explore how they want to present themselves in their professional life. His sessions are skills based and often involve mock interviews, role playing, and/or task-oriented action plans. He also helps his clients come up with a narrative of their past work experience and career goals and aspirations.

Neal wants all of his clients to find a career that fits best with their personality, interests, and goals. He is there to help them find themselves to show up authentically in all aspects of their lives. He looks forward to meeting you.

Message to clients

Through both professional and personal experience, I know career development can be a challenging process. It encompasses our mental health, knowing ourselves, putting ourselves out there, navigating expectations and trying to make the right choice among so many options. With empathy and compassion, my goal is to make career development an empowering process helping you connect to who you are, find meaningful work, and live the life you want.

Work and Education

Authentic Career Wellness
Wesleyan University Counseling and Psychological Services, Psychotherapist
Williams College Psychological Counseling Services, Fellow
Berkeley Student Cooperative, Mental Health Consultant
Laney Community College’s TRiO Program, Counselor
San Francisco State University’s Peggy H. Smith Clinic, Clinical Counseling Intern
Golden Gate University Office of Career Planning, Career Advising Intern
Mills College Career Services, Career Counseling Intern

San Francisco State University, Master of Science in Counseling, 2013
Villanova University, Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 2005




Holistic career development - Assisting and empowering clients on their journey to developing fulfilling and intentional careers

Transition to and from college - With 10 years of working in with college students, I uniquely understand the stressors of transitioning to and from college. I enjoy helping students develop the skills of resilience, stress management, communication, time management, and career exploration needed to thrive in the transition to and from college.

Career clarity - Career exploration in today’s world of work is more difficult than previous generations. Individuals are trying to find work that has meaning among more choices than ever before. It can be hard to figure out where to start which can often lead to feelings of overwhelm and decision fatigue. Through a combination of coaching, assessments, and the creation of an individualized action plan, let me help you gain career clarity and move towards your authentic career

Career pivoting and change - Do you feel like you need to make a change in your career but don’t want to feel like you are starting over? The first step is understanding where you have been and who you are. We can work together to discuss your signature strengths, skills, previous employment, and life experiences. We can then develop a customized plan to leverage your experiences to move into the career you really want

Workplace stress - A difficult workplace environment, not feeling connected to your job, and feeling like you need a change can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Your mental health significantly effects your functioning at work, your life outside of the workplace, and your ability to successfully engage in a career transition. As a licensed therapist I am skilled at helping individuals learn to successfully navigate work related stress and feel more connected in their life and career

Communication skills - It can be extremely frustrating to feel like you do not have a voice in your organization, have unrealistic expectations placed on you, or find it difficult to have conversations with a boss or coworkers. I have designed and co-led workshops and trainings on how to have difficult conversations with those in power positions. Let me support you in learning and utilizing Non-Violent Communication to help get your needs met

Life coaching - We can’t separate our career from the rest of our life. Our family, relationships, identities, mental health, habits, and outlook all matter. Authentic career wellness means achieving balance, wellness, and health in all areas of our lives. Let me draw upon my experience as a licensed therapist and training in positive psychology coaching to help you create the life you want to live


  • Adults (24+)
  • Parents
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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  • Individual sessions:$125 (60min)
  • Sliding scale:$80 - $125

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