This mindfulness-based psychotherapy group is for patients who are interested in exploring their relationship with alcohol. Dr. Jennifer Smith leads this group in discussions examining the positive and negative consequences of alcohol use and will integrate mindfulness meditation practices into an exploration of motivation to change and traditional relapse prevention. Each week will incorporate a variety of techniques utilizing mindfulness-based addiction treatment which include ‘awareness of breath’, progressive muscle relaxation, and ‘body scan’. Goals for the group members will be individualized and may include a reduction in stress and increased ability to respond to negative thoughts, sensations, and emotions with an attitude of nonjudgmental, acceptance, and present-moment awareness. Participants will be asked to share their struggles and solution suggestions with one another—as much as they are comfortable to do so. “Homework” assignments will be given each week as increased practice of mindfulness is associated with improved outcome.

All treatment is eligible for reimbursement through out of network benefits. We welcome participants who receive individual treatment with other providers. If you have any questions about the group or would like to refer a patient who might benefit from additional support, please contact us.

Group Therapist

Wholeview Direct, is a fully virtual outpatient addiction treatment program. Through this program, physicians, nurse practitioners, masters-level clinicians, and peers provide the most effective treatment techniques and therapies for alcohol and substance use disorders using a proven telehealth model designed to make treatment as convenient and accessible as possible. All of our clinicians will work with patients to design a comprehensive individualized treatment plan.

Wholeview Direct

Wholeview Wellness is an outpatient addiction treatment center committed to providing patients with the highest quality therapeutic experience in addiction treatment.

Mondays 10:30-12:00

New York (Online)

Group Fee: $150 per session