A Transgender/ Non-binary / Gender Non-conforming Support Group


Join David for this 8-session support group focused on creating a supportive community of peers where participants can share in confidence how they are being affected by the events around us (our Hearts), and begin to see that they are not alone. The experience will include time for group processing and support, and provide opportunities to learn from others, connect around shared experiences, and deepen self-awareness so that we can each continue to go the distance, individually and together.

Group Therapist

David Collins is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at The Holistic Heart, in Warwick, RI. David works with young adults and adults who are navigating life transitions, looking to increase their self-understanding, or who want to deepen their connection to self and others. As a member of the transgender community himself, David is especially passionate about offering informed, affirming care to individuals identifying as transgender or nonbinary.

David's approach is based on the belief that we all hold a blueprint for Wholeness within. He works to hold a safe space for his clients in which they can embark on the important work of remembering and reconnecting with the wholeness that is already present within.

David has an intentional approach, and aims to offer value to his clients in every session. His style is interactive, non-judgmental, supportive, and engaging. He draws on spirituality and nature as emotionally protective factors, as well as helping clients explore, understand, and reframe thinking or behavior patterns that are not serving their overall well-being.

David is sensitive to the lived experience of the LGBTQIA+ and transgender communities as marginalized populations, and believes strongly in the importance of their access to competent and informed mental health care.

David Collins

David Collins is a therapist in Warwick, Rhode Island specializing in gender identity & transgender health, LGBTQIA, gender, and sexuality topics, life transitions, mood disorders, trauma, and anxiety.

Thursdays 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Rhode Island (Online)