Adolescent DBT


These skills are particularly helpful for those that struggle with emotional sensitivity, emotional reactivity, and impulsivity. There is a parent group available as a part of our multifamily program so that parents can learn more about how they can model these skills for their children. An Intake is required to determine goodness of fit. After the intake we will create an individualized treatment plan personalized to each client. These plans differ depending on the level of care needed. They may include the group only as an adjunct to outside treatment, individual therapy, parent therapy, and/or the parent DBT group. Cost is $100/session with superbills provided for insurance reimbursement.

Group Therapist

I recognize the courage it takes to ask for help and the difficulty of finding a therapist. I provide an atmosphere that is safe to make space for self-exploration. My approach features warmth, direct communication, and humor, which allows me to enhance the relationship and paves the way for effective treatment. I believe in utilizing a collaborative approach, supporting clients in asking the right questions to help them heal. I specialize in working with children, but I also work across the lifespan. When working with your child, I may utilize legos, dolls, or a host of toys to support them in learning new therapeutic techniques.

I am a licensed therapist and member of the clinical team at SageMind Psychology. I utilize an integrative approach to individualize treatment. I draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and other evidence based modalities. My focus includes anxiety, OCD, depression, life transitions, and trauma. Paige has a certification in trauma-informed clinical practice.

My goal is for you to learn the skills to become your own therapist and graduate from therapy to live a happy and meaningful life. My goal is for clients to leave each session feeling as though they have made discernible progress towards their treatment goals. I am excited to work with you to make lasting change.

Paige Scrofani

Paige Scrofani is a therapist in Brooklyn, New York specializing in child mental health, anxiety, depression, family issues, life transitions, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Mondays 5:00pm - 6:00pm

26 Court Street, New York, New York 11201