Adult Asperger's Support Group


This group is designed to provide a place for adults with Asperger's to connect with others and learn new tools to create a life one wants. Please note that this is an online group that utilizes an online platform to connect members.

Group Therapist

Dr. George Sachs is a Clinical Psychologist practicing on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. His practice is open to clients across the lifespan, with particular expertise in supporting young adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and ADHD. Using a person-centered approach, Dr. Sachs guides clients in leveraging their strengths to overcome roadblocks and move into their future with confidence.

Dr. Sachs’ approach is highly attuned to each individual’s needs and wants; therapy with him starts with an initial evaluation, and he carefully crafts a treatment plan in collaboration with clients and targeted to their primary goals. Clients come to him when they’re faced with obstacles at work or in relationships, dealing with low-self esteem, or having difficulty with focus and motivation. Together, Dr. Sachs helps clients to look at their lives holistically, building out a daily schedule with practical skills and tools that contribute to a fulfilling career and interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Sachs’ style is active, evidence-based, and solution-focused. In addition to his therapy practice, he also offers evaluation services, specializing in ADHD assessment for children and adults.

George Sachs

Dr. George Sachs is a Clinical Psychologist in New York City who specializes in relationship issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, and the testing and treatment of ADD/ADHD. His practice is open to clients across the lifespan.

Wednesdays at 7pm

New York, NY 10010, USA