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Adult DBT Skills Group


* Group Structure and Facilitation Break-down *

CHECK IN - Share any crises/updates and review skill practice between sessions

PROCESS - Opportunity to obtain/provide support and feedback from members (interpersonal skills)

PSYCHOEDUCATION - Introducing new skills (role play between facilitators and volunteers from group)

PRACTICE - Depending on skill members will practice in small groups, 1-1 with facilitator, or as a group

CHECK OUT - Questions/feedback on new skill and commitment to practice new skill between sessions

* Registration, Scheduling, Screenings, and Payment *

- Group is every Tuesday, 6- 7pm, and requires a commitment to attend ALL sessions held during the month..

- Group fee is $25/session weekly (with a monthly commitment)

- Monthly fee will be collected along with intake paperwork following screening and group admission

Group Therapist

Having worked in Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and traditional addiction treatment, our Founder and Director, Katherine Casey, saw firsthand the benefits of holistic care beyond traditional talk therapy including somatic and arts therapies, providing family support, collaborating with medical providers, and referrals to community resources. Perhaps most importantly, she recognized the value of using personal insight and experiences to help guide clients on their paths to wellness and self-discovery. Today, these lessons are the principles that guide our practice.

At The Root Therapy NYC clients have the opportunity to develop insight and gain new skills while feeling empowered in the therapeutic process. Clients play a key role in developing goals and evaluating progress in the therapeutic process – they decide what they want to get out of therapy and when they have achieved their goals.

The Root Therapy NYC is staffed with therapists with a range of clinical training and expertise to help guide clients through a change process using approaches that research has proven effective. Each therapist is an individual who reflects the group’s guiding principles through ongoing clinical supervision, continuing education, community engagement, and self-care.

The Root Therapy NYC

The Root Therapy NYC is a group practice in Astoria, New York specializing in pregnancy, perinatal, postpartum mental health, adjustment difficulties & disorders, trauma, couples counseling, addiction, and relationship issues.

Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm

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