Adult Grief Group


What can you expect?

A safe and confidential place to connect with supportive and accepting peers. Belonging and community with others experiencing a similar loss.

Ways to manage (coping skills) anxiety, stress, overwhelming feelings, restlessness, and shock and tools to return to calm, connection, and open heartedness.

Various themes to lead discussion such as guilt/regret, spirituality, family role changes, existential conflict/meaning of life, accepting help, self-care, and asking for what you need.

Space to be with your grief with understanding and validation.

Group Therapist

Dean Janeff, LMFT is now offering teletherapy for residents in Rhode Island! Dean is a master level trauma therapist to help you overcome hard things from the past that have a hold on your present day functioning. Dean offers PERSONAL FREEDOM from patterns and hurts and creates space for you to have motivation, confidence, intimacy, fulfillment, authenticity and well being in your life and in your relationships.

Your childhood may have included abuse (sexual, physical and/or emotional) or neglect. And through these hard experiences we developed distorted beliefs about ourselves and the world. Later in life, this turns up as depression, anxiety, addiction and loneliness.

Dean has master level training to help you reclaim what was not given to you earlier in life: Connection, authenticity, getting your needs met, vitality and full aliveness, capacity for intimacy and closeness. You can break free of excessive worry, toxic stress, and collapse and relate to yourself in a whole new way!

Dean has been a grief counselor for a number of years. He can support you in your loss and offer a safe place to process the shock, pain and grief. Dean views death as a trauma. And as such, we can have post traumatic stress after a loss (agitation, fear, sleep disturbance, hypervigilance, etc.). It may feel that your emotions are too much handle. Dean can work with you to get to calm in your nervous system so that you can more easily tolerate what is going on inside you.

Dean Janeff

Dean Janeff is a therapist in Rhode Island specializing in anxiety, depression, loss, grief, and bereavement, relationship issues, self-esteem, and childhood trauma.

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