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Advanced DBT Process Group


You are an ideal client for this group if you have been in a previous DBT skills group and are willing to use continue to use skills. However, you may need some support in applying the skills to your life. This is not a curriculum based group.

Group members are required to have an individual therapist and do not have to be a CSP client. An assessment and open ROI with your individual therapist will be required prior to admission to group.

Group Therapist

Our interest in the practice of psychotherapy is founded in the idea that all people want to be the best version of themselves and are capable of achieving that-- whatever that may mean to them. We want to help individuals cope with the challenges that can interfere with achieving their goals and what they want for their lives. All humans struggle and fall short of their own ideals at times, learning to successfully cope through these moments of difficulty can lead to a more fulfilling life and an ability to thrive more completely during moments of success.

We believe the most caring and compassionate thing that we can do as therapists and coaches is help our clients achieve their own goals. Sometimes this requires pushing towards change and other times it requires working on acceptance. We value creating a warm and validating environment for you to feel safe to focus on your own growth. The Centered Self is anti-racist and LGBTQIA affirming.

We are dedicated to utilizing interventions and skills based in science so that we can most effectively help you reach your goals. We value you.

Courtney and Charlotte are DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinicians™ and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW). We value providing concrete coping skills so that our clients can navigate life stressors effectively. We integrate various therapeutic approaches to collaboratively design a treatment plan tailored to each individual client's needs to meet their specific goals.

The Centered Self Psychotherapy

The Centered Self Psychotherapy is a group practice in Los Angeles, California specializing in anxiety, couples counseling, depression, eating disorders & disordered eating, stress management, and emotion regulation.

Monday 10-11:30am

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