Animal Assisted Therapy - Pet Therapy


Bring your pet. You can borrow your family's or close friend's, if you don't have one yet. Or perhaps you could volunteer at an animal rescue for an hour. 1 month recommended (4 weekly sessions a month), and you can start with experiencing your first week.

This type of work and transformational breakthrough is best/most effective and faster in group settings, as you will learn immensely from others’ hands-on experience. We will process what happened in your past, change the status quo with a powerful customized plan/strategy, practice/role play for the future of your dreams. You will be given proven human-pet/animal bond behavioral and communication tools to use in your daily life.

Heart Rescue - Success From the Heart

Virtually everything you need to learn in life, you can learn

from your pet.

As a psychologist and certified life and business coach, I

have worked with Oscar-winning celebrities, Olympic athletes,

bestselling authors, world-renowned speakers, Fortune 100

company’s CEOs and entrepreneurs at every level of success, from

startup to those running hundreds-of-million-dollar companies.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, clients come to me because

they want to make more money or want more time off or both.

Discovering that they can achieve this by listening to and caring

for an animal usually comes as a surprise.

It is the simplest ideas and the easiest paths that often seem

hard to believe. And yet they are the surest way to success and

fulfillment. Everything relates to everything, and so, everything

is a reflection and extension of yourself. Money—having it or not

having it—is a result of the thoughts and beliefs you hold inside

of you, consciously or not. Animals are mirrors, reflecting to you

your anxieties, fears, frustrations, concerns, joys and so on. Have

you noticed that, when you are anxious, the animals around you

are anxious? When you are calm, your animals are calm. Animals

soak up the essence of who you are—your thoughts, beliefs,

struggles and desires—and show you the truth of who you are in

transformational power of animals to the work I already do with


There are about eight main life areas—money, career,

relationships, health, education, environment, play and charity—

and your pets will help you succeed in all of them. Recall that I

believe animals act as a mirror, and that they remind you of the

child within you, the time when you made heart-centered choices.

These benefits alone would be enough to motivate most people

to pay special attention to their pets and all that pets can teach

humans. And yet there is much more that animals have to give us.

Taking time to love, feed or exercise your pet, or with your

pet, enables you to focus on one thing and one thing only: your

relationship with your pet. When I am walking my dog, or just

sitting with my cat and dog and giving them my attention, this

is one of the few times I’m able to stop my mind from racing and

feel pure bliss. When my clients are stressed, I always tell them

to do some sort of art, or movement such as yoga or dance, or

meditation with their pets.

Your pet also is fully one with you and does not leave you

unattended or out of sight. I always smile when I am inside a

store and have left my pet momentarily tied outside or in the car

(with open windows) and I peek outside and I see those two eyes

completely, one hundred percent hyper-focused on me. The world

could come to an end and those eyes would still be on their human.

The power of focus!

It is scientifically proven that animals aid in reducing and often

eliminating stress. Pet owners live longer and are generally happier

than non-pet-owners. In this way, animals help you improve all

life areas. When you slow down and stay focused on one aspect of

your life, then you are better able to make real and lasting positive

change. Have you ever been able to remain sad when you look into

an animal’s eyes?

Humans are, by definition,

animals. Now, if animals don’t stress about money, why should

we humans stress? Animals stay in the present moment and never

stress about money, knowing and trusting they will always be okay.

I invite you to pay attention to the animals in your life. Are

your pets happy? Playful? Do they follow their training? Or do

they seem nervous or scared? Do they make messes in the house

and generally cause trouble? Or, if you do not have pets, how do

animals react to you when you encounter them? Are they over-

excited, or calm and loving? In my opinion, how animals behave

around you and relate to you gives you clues as to how you perceive

yourself and how you are perceived by the world.

I have witnessed that, beyond the mirror, animals remind you

who you really are, the person you are yearning to reconnect with,

the person who, like so many abandoned animals on this earth,

needs to be rescued. Animals see the real you, the child with eyes

full of hope and a pure and positive heart. Our pets have kept their

innocence. They know what matters most in life: unconditional

love, healthy food, clean drinking water, plenty of exercise, restful

sleep, constant companionship and abundant play. They remind

you that this is the true, balanced path toward living a fulfilling


I am an immigrant. I came to the United States from Italy and

made it on my own. It wasn’t easy. Because I was so far from my

family, my pets became my family. When I felt discouraged, my

pets kept me balanced and helped me stay on track. I’m highly

grateful for them.

Over the years, I have become more and more interested in how

animals help us heal, help us grow, help us live happy and balanced

lives. I began to study the human-animal bond and wrote my PhD

dissertation on the subject, while helping my clients create the lives

they desired. Today, I apply my knowledge about the healing and

unexpected turns, as long as we go for it and don’t hold back, life

will reward us beautifully for our courage and for taking action.

That has been my beautiful experience.

What if you loved all humans as your pet loves you? What if

you loved yourself as your pet loves you? How would your life be

different if you loved without condition?

Again, animals remind us what is important: play, being

present, love. Animals don’t think about the future. They don’t

worry about tomorrow. They are happy for no reason! In our

pursuit of success and money, we lose sight of the simple things

and stop living. Most Western societies measure success with

money. I am an international person with two passports, Italian

and American. I have seen, met and befriended hundreds of

thousands of people from all over the world. In my experience,

some of the happiest and healthiest people are not the richest. I

have met some unhealthy and lonely monetarily rich people. The

happiest and healthiest people in my life take time to smell the

roses, accept what is and continue loving themselves and other

beings, no matter what! They are balanced, and I believe in


At the start of this chapter, I said that ninety-nine percent of

my clients come to me because they want to make more money.

They come to me in a state of blaming anything and everyone

except themselves. With coaching, they realize that they are solely

responsible for their financial results and all their other life results

and that when the other areas of their life are out of in balance, it

prevents them from making more money. As they start working on

themselves and open up to nature, to animals, to the child within

them, they begin to know themselves better and make better

decisions—decisions from the heart, from a loving place instead of

from a place of darkness.

Again, how we relate to one thing is how we relate to everything.

People who can’t relate well to the most innocent creatures on

Earth ought to look inside themselves and ask why. Why are they

impatient? Why do they discriminate? Why are they angry? If

What if you loved yourself as

your pet loves you?

People who care for pets tend to be more grateful. They learn

this from their pets. Animals have always shown people gratitude

for feeding them, for saving them, for paying attention to them.

They never hold back affection and constantly show appreciation.

Can we say the same about our own actions, or about the humans

in our lives? I can’t always say so. Gratitude is a key to success in all

areas. And yet we often forget to express our thanks for the simple

pleasures, such as for being alive.

Pets love unconditionally. They don’t hold grudges. They

love everyone—poor or rich. They don’t care about material

possessions. They live for their owner’s affection. When I am

with my pets, I feel nothing but unconditional love. I feel it from

my animals to me, and I feel it toward my animals. In human

relationships, unconditional love is hard to come by. Many people

place conditions on love. They withhold love when they don’t feel

safe, or if they feel someone has not earned their devotion, or as

punishment. Worse, they do it to themselves.

My pets taught me unconditional love and unconditional

commitment. I had never experienced it before. Growing up in the

countryside in the Lake Region of Northern Italy, I have fostered

or adopted the animals nobody wanted. Born after the Chernobyl

nuclear disaster, some of them were deformed. Although they didn’t

look like the ideal pets I had always dreamed of—the purebred,

perfectly designed pets so many people want—inevitably, they

won my heart and taught me the meaning of true love. In this way,

they become ideal and perfect to me.

This is my life lesson: How many times do we want the

perfect career, the perfect partner? And we wait and wait and

don’t take action. We let life slip away waiting for the illusion of

perfection. From my pets I have learned that, if there is such a

thing as perfection, it is in the journey. With all the surprises and

If people can’t convey love, tranquility and peace to an animal, they

certainly can’t offer it to other humans.

In my life, the best lessons have come from nature. I have

seen animals win the hearts of fearful people, negative people,

and transform them for the better. Animals provide valuable

lessons—for free! When you rescue a pet without a home or

family—through foster or adoption—you rescue your own heart,

you rescue yourself. Some animals can be vegetarian, which makes

it very affordable to provide for them. Mine are! If you don’t have

a pet, or can’t foster or rescue one for some reason, please visit

and volunteer at an animal sanctuary. Spend time with animals

and in nature. Why not let animals teach you what you need to

learn? Then be ready to fall in love with all other beings and watch

miracles happen!...

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Dr. Pezzini's celebrity, high profile executive, patients and clients call her the high energy, scientific, "Dr. Tony Robbins". She is at a 1 stop online shop. All in 1, you get Quad Power: a. Psycho-Therapy b. Applied Organizational (Work) Psychology c. Professional Certified Coaching d. Motivational Interviewing Hypnosis & KAP Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy. Dr. P. has provided over 25 years of successful pet/animal, movement, music & art healing modalities, to people from all walks of life and from over the world. She is looking forward to helping you live your bright life!

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