Anxiety and OCD & D


Join this six week group to develop skills for anxiety disorders and neurodiversity! Matthew Williams will guide you through an interactive and creative experience of Dungeons and Dragons with a Kairos twist. This group is guaranteed to be both enlightening and fun!

Group Therapist

Kairos Wellness Collective came together as a shared vision of diverse healers. We sought to unify our different modalities in a communal space. We pride ourselves in being a supportive and inclusive workplace. Our practitioners are not only professionally passionate about OCD and Anxiety, but also have dealt with these issues in our personal journeys.

We bring our distinctive cultures and unique childhoods into our conception of mental health healing. At Kairos, we do not believe that there is one right path to wellness. We strive to pair each client with the provider or providers that will most benefit them in their journey to wellness, on a physical, mental, and emotional, and spiritual level. Kairos practitioners find inspiration in each other’s modalities and seek each other for our own healing.

Our focus on OCD comes from personal experiences with this disorder, as well as a collective professional passion for anxiety disorders. While incredibly challenging to live with, OCD is highly treatable. However, when therapists misdiagnose OCD as Anxiety, treatment gets stymied with well-intentioned support that is not aligned with clients’ true needs.

We are committed to enhancing each person's quality of life and to enhancing the wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit!

Kairos Wellness Collective

Kairos Wellness Collective is a group practice in Boulder, Colorado specializing in ADHD, anxiety, child mental health, compulsive behavior, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and phobias & fears.

Sundays at 4pm

4430 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, Colorado 80303

$210 for 6 Sessions