Asian American Women's Anxiety Group


This group aims to support 20-something Asian and Asian American women in managing anxiety related to professional development, dating and relationships, family pressures and conflicts, and healthy self-care practices.
This group runs for a 4-week cycles, and a waiting list for future cycles is available.

Group Therapist

Cathay Che is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker offering virtual sessions to clients in MA, RI, CA, NY, or NJ. Cathay specializes in identity development, multicultural literacy, anxiety, depression, addictions, and pet loss support. Having previously facilitated a group for identity development, she has deep expertise in helping LGBTQ, biracial, and first- or second-generation individuals navigate the intricacies of identity formation from an intersectional perspective. Having lived in New York for over two decades, she has a particular affinity for working with creative individuals in the arts or media. No matter the reason her clients enter therapy, she is passionate about helping them become more attuned to their emotions and find greater satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

Cathay supports individuals with both behavioral and substance use challenges and addictions, including gambling, excessing shopping, and hypersexuality. Viewing addiction as a symptom of other underlying issues, she gently guides each client toward uncovering the root of the problem, developing sustainable coping skills, and reaching a safe place of healing and fulfillment. She also has a special sensitivity to the powerful bond people form with their pets and can aid in the grieving process for those who have experienced difficult losses.

Cathay draws from a number of evidence-based treatment approaches including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), mindfulness practices, and supportive therapy. Her approach to addiction is rooted in Motivational Interviewing, understanding each client's unique background and perspective in order to set realistic, attainable goals. She takes care in genuinely listening to her clients and providing empathetic, honest feedback and sustainable solutions.

Cathay Che

Cathay Che is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the East Village neighborhood of New York specializing in substance use, pet loss support, multicultural literacy, and identity development. She sees adults for individual and group therapy sessions. She currently runs a pet loss support group and an identity formation group.

Saturdays 11:00am-12:30pm

321 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

$50-$75/session (some individuals may be able to use their insurance)