Between Two Worlds: A Psychotherapy Group for First Generation and Immigrant Folks


How can you feel at home in your cultural identity when you are constantly navigating your sense of self within two very different worlds? This interpersonal process group will offer a safe and non-judgmental space for First Generation and Immigrant folks to have open conversations about identity, perfectionism, and cultural differences.

Through the collaborative exploration of culture, identity, and opposing societal expectations, members of the group will have the opportunity to experience a sense of community, experience validation and support, and gain a deeper level of insight into how to prioritize their emotional wellness in the context of the challenges and benefits of a bi-cultural experience.

- This group is for those aged 18-35, who identify as within first generation or immigrant population

- Groups will begin at the beginning of May

- Sessions cost will range from $75-$125

- Sessions are out of network, but may be reimbursable by your insurance provider

This group is facilitated by Wale Okerayi, LMHC, who received her Master’s degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University. While using an eclectic and multi-cultural approach in therapy, Wale’s sessions tend to be a mixture of: psychodynamic theory, feminist theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, and gestalt theory. Wale has experience working with multi-cultural and identity issues, race issues, gender and sexuality, body image, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Group Therapist

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