Body Image Support Group


As women, our bodies and the changes that our bodies experience are always up for discussion. From the fluctuating numbers on a scale to feeling like certain body parts are not "appealing enough", we can be left with feelings of shame, frustration and hopelessness towards ourselves. Even at a time where sentiments like "Body Positivity" and "Body Acceptance" are growing, we may still feel the need to diet, spot train or use enhancing features like "beauty filters" to get The Look . In this group, we will consider the ways society and culture can shape our thoughts and discuss ways to improve confidence, self esteem and the personal relationship to self and body.

Group Therapist

Clients that I work with often have discomfort regarding their appearance and food related concerns. Experiences can vary, but there are some common concerns. This may mean frequently going on diets ( often called yo-yo dieting), food challenges or detoxes/cleanses and still struggling with getting to or maintaining an ideal weight. Sometimes this can mean constant preoccupation with food, including worrying about what restaurants or menus to try in social situations. The unending battle of figuring out what to wear because nothing fits right or frustration when clothes don't come in your size are challenges I also hear when providing support to clients.

A healthy relationship with food and your body is important. Through guided meditations, self reflections and social explorations, we will unpack internal and external influences that have created challenges for you. With guidance through exploration and education, we will work towards ways to heal your connection to your body and food in an empowering way.

Learn how to strive for balance as you develop a sense of attunement with your own needs and get them met. I will introduce a multilayered awareness of the body and how this may connect to or relate to the world around you. We will work from a Health at Every Size, weight inclusive and anti diet approach with sessions that are structured at your pace and identified needs.

Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Midtown, Manhattan specializing in life transitions, relationships, disordered eating, body image, stress management, and anxiety including generalized anxiety, social anxiety, or anxiety related to an upcoming life transition. Her practice is social justice-oriented and holistic in its approach.

Mondays ( 8-9 PM), Fridays ( 2-3 PM)

New York (Online)