Building Skills To Take Control Of My Emotional Experience


Learn how to master your emotions. This workshop will focus on providing psychoeducation on emotional awareness and skills/ strategies to regulate your emotional experience. I incorporate self-reflection exercises/mindfulness techniques to support the development of awareness and create connections to common maladaptive problem-solving approaches. At the core all of my workshops are related to building awareness and skill to cultivate self-love. Emotions drive action, inspire change and reinforce balance within.

Group Therapist

Jamilet Calderon is a mental health counselor in Queens, New York. She specializes supporting individuals reducing their overall anxiety and worry as well as improving approaches to navigating daily stressors associated with change and growth.

Jamilet Calderon utilizes Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution Focused and Strengths Based approaches to remain action oriented and collaboratively working towards your goals. She supports clients with developing awareness and viewing the big picture. Her prioritized goal is to support you with feeling empowered to make informed decisions that align with your values and desired outcomes. She collaborates with individuals and couples to navigate through stressors and life transitions. She helps couples enhance their communication skills to foster empowerment while strengthening confidence in their ability to create positive change.

Jamilet Calderon

Jamilet Calderon is a therapist in New York specializing in anxiety, life transitions, perfectionism, relationship issues, self-esteem, and stress management.

6/15 at 7 pm

New York (Online)