CBT for Teachers and Educators


Join a group designed for you, whether you are a current or former educator. We’ll discuss challenges that educators struggle with and practice skills that target the barriers to improved mood. This group is great for educators who feel burnt out and overburdened, those struggling to find balance in their lives, and educators who are more anxious or less happy than they used to be. This group will run biweekly whenever at least 4 participants have signed up by the week before group. Reach out now to join.

Group Therapist

April Lau, LMHC is a Cognitive Behavioral individual and group therapist. She works with older teens and adults of all ages. She especially enjoys working with college-aged clients and people in early adulthood. She sees students, people in the beginning stages of their careers, highly talented individuals, people who are successful, and people who struggle with the day-to-day. Many of April’s clients come in when they are not feeling like themselves or they are tired of being held back by depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, and relationship problems. Often, they have beliefs about themselves that prevent them from doing what they want in life. Many clients seek counseling when social anxiety or performance anxiety prevents them from making and maintaining connections with others.

April brings a curiosity to her work with clients. She wants to get to know each client as an individual. Every therapy relationship with April starts with a conversation about who you are and what you are looking to get out of counseling. Clients often tell her they feel hopeful and less anxious after their first discussion with her. As you continue working together, she’ll help you to identify goals and to create a toolbox of strategies you can use to overcome barriers to living life more fully.

April is dedicated to developing partnerships with her clients. As long as she’s been in practice, she still knows that you are the expert on you and she couldn’t do this work without you.

April is active in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provider community, engaging regularly in consultation with other expert therapists, providing advice and learning from others. Outside of private practice, she loves playing outside, volunteering, meeting new people, and spending time with her husband, family, and friends.

April Lau

April Lau is a therapist in Providence , Rhode Island specializing in anxiety, identity development, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), relationship issues, self-esteem, and college & graduate student mental health.

Every other Thursday 4-5 pm during the school year

245 Waterman Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02906