CBT Skills for Anxiety, Depression & Stress Management


Cinthia Taylor is a Clinical Psychotherapist trained in both Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Structural Family Therapy, offering individual, group, couples and family therapy in NY, NJ & PA. She specializes in treating clients that have general and social anxiety, depression, communication difficulties, relationship and family stress, trauma recovery, and life transition challenges.

Cinthia has over 15 years of clinical therapy experience and has worked in a variety of settings including inpatient, outpatient, and in-home settings. Currently, she offers in-person and online therapy for individuals, couples and families and online therapy for groups. She offers a solution-focused approach, offering goal-oriented therapy with a direct, compassionate, and collaborative style.

Group Therapist

Cinthia Taylor, LMFT is a Clinical Psychotherapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who provides individual, couple, family and group therapy with her private practice, Taylorteletherapy, and is licensed in NY, NJ & PA. Cinthia combines elements of the "whole person" concept in treatment. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to impact cognitive blocks, Structural Family Therapy dynamics to explore past and current family issues, and a combination of both modalities to treat trauma. Life coaching is provided to create and execute structured goal setting, and when appropriate, aspects of spirituality and holistic wellness to enhance self-awareness and positive coping methods.

Cinthia is active and engaged in sessions and will ask thoughtful questions to learn more about you and your experiences and to help you gain insight and find solutions. She believes therapy doesn't end when the session ends. Depending on treatment needs, homework may be assigned. It could include practicing CBT techniques, journaling, meditation exercises, a chapter of a book -- whatever is most relevant to your treatment success!

Sessions are offered online for anyone located in NY, NJ & PA and in-person sessions for those interested in traveling to her Manhattan office located by Penn Station.

Cinthia has been a practicing clinician for over 15 years and has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals for inpatient and partial hospitalization programs for individuals, groups, and families at Fairmount Behavioral Health and Hampton Hospital, intensive family therapy at Path, Inc. and outpatient therapy for individuals, couples and families at Delaware County Professional Services before starting her own private practice. She has received her education from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center.

Cinthia Taylor

Mondays, 6p-7p, starting June 21, 2021

New York, NY, USA