Chronic Illness Coping Skills Group


Therapists of New York offers Coping Skills Groups for teens and young adults who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Groups are led by Dr. Kate Herts, a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience treating teens and young adults with chronic medical illnesses. Former group participants rated their experience in the group as “very positive” and said that they benefited from engaging with other teens and young adults with chronic illness. They experienced increased self-efficacy for managing their illness, increased use of active coping skills, and decreased loneliness.

HIGH SCHOOL GROUP: For current high school students. Focuses on coping with illness during high school and preparing to transition to adulthood, including adult medical care.

COLLEGE GROUP: For current college students. Focuses on coping with illness during college and during the transition to adulthood.

YOUNG ADULT GROUP: For young adults in their 20s or 30s. Focuses on coping with illness during young adulthood.

Prior to beginning the group, you will attend a one-time 30-minute appointment with Dr. Herts to determine your fit for the group and provide you with additional mental health referrals if needed. You will then attend eight weekly group sessions. Each session is 60 minutes long (high school group) or 90 minutes long (college and young adult groups).

Sessions draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills and will cover topics including your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and relationships in the context of chronic illness and related coping skills. The groups currently take place virtually on Zoom.

Group Therapist

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