Cleaning My Plate


"Cleaning My Plate" is not a weight loss group. This is a group focused on the behavior of consumption. This group will explore emotions, trauma, and compulsions behind eating. You will explore your relationship with food with a licensed addiction professional in a supportive group setting with others who desire to increase positive experiences with food.

Be prepared to learn, lean in, and let go in this 4-week group cohort starting Sept 14th 2023.

All group are virtual and open to residents of VA, CT and NC. The cost is $25 per group but we accept all Virginia Insurances.

Registration ends on Sept 13th, 2023. You must be screened into this closed group.

Group Therapist

Meet the Clinicians!

Chrishona Henry, LPC, RN

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Nurse. I currently focus on the adult population and support those dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, existential issues and chronic stress.

Brittany Holland, Resident in Counseling

My focus is on helping adults and teens 17 and up identify and work through their feelings, thoughts and behaviors to improve their mental health. The people I work with may have had challenging childhoods. They may struggle with decision making and setting appropriate boundaries. They may be unsure of who they are at the core. Life may feel chaotic and unmanageable at times. Let’s work through this together.

Maria "Maxi" Trent, Resident in Counseling

I have been working with people in their most vulnerable moments for over 25 years. Often people present with questions like: Why did this happen to me? What is wrong with me? Is it my fault? I am passionate about helping people find their way out of darkness. Typically, my clients are adults that are struggling with mood disorders and/or addiction.

Yoshiko Green, LPC

My specialty includes talk therapy and my treatment modality leans toward Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) however I also incorporate person-centered, strength-based therapy, solution-focused, and coaching. We all know that life can get busy and complicated at times. I provide a safe space for individuals who are experiencing life challenges and those who are new to therapy. I'll help you work through work related stress, relationship issues, self doubt, and life transitions.

Camille Gregory, LSATP

Utilizing trauma informed care, motivational interviewing, and strength based solution focused practices, I am able to provide individualized compassionate care. I work with traumatic experiences, addiction, domestic abuse or sexual assault survivors and healthy expression of anger.

Holistic Expression and Consultation Services

Holistic Expression and Consultation Services is a group practice in Sandston, Virginia specializing in trauma, emotion regulation, college & graduate student mental health, medical professionals' mental health, veterans' issues, and clinical supervision.

Thursdays at 10:30am

Virginia (Online)

$25 or All major insurances accepted