Cleaning My Plate


"Cleaning My Plate" is not a weight loss group. This is a group focused on the behavior of consumption. This group will explore emotions, trauma, and compulsions behind eating. You will explore your relationship with food with a licensed addiction professional in a supportive group setting with others who desire to increase positive experiences with food.

Be prepared to learn, lean in, and let go in this 4-week group cohort starting Sept 14th 2023.

All group are virtual and open to residents of VA, CT and NC. The cost is $25 per group but we accept all Virginia Insurances.

Registration ends on Sept 13th, 2023. You must be screened into this closed group.

Group Therapist

Camille Gregory (“Cami”) is a specialist within the Human Services Field. Her awareness of today's need for practical, informative, comprehensive, and relevant office and service management for professionals is remarkable. She grew up in Gary, Indiana, home of the Jackson 5, just 30 minutes outside Chicago, IL.

Camille utilizes her diverse experiences to flourish within various markets. She has experience working with families, individuals, youth in crisis, severe mental health, domestic violence, sexual assault or rape response, trauma, addiction, substance abuse, the foster care system, child support services, the local judicial system, and as an educator/instructor for child development.

Camille is also a part-time Adjunct faculty member at Kennesaw State University. She is credentialed as Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner, ICAADC, LCAS, Certified Life Coach, and CCTS-A.

Her passion is assisting others and watching them succeed. Quote: “I may Not know what the future holds, but I know who holds it!”.

Camille Gregory

Camille Gregory is a therapist in Virginia specializing in addiction, trauma, college & graduate student mental health, depression, anxiety, and life coaching.

Thursday Mornings at 10:30am - 11:30am

Virginia (Online)

$25 (self-pay) or all major insurances accepted (in VA)