Closing Out & Starting Fresh Interpersonal Process Group


This is a small closed process group for individuals to share their wins and losses of the past year and set their intentions for moving forward. Connecting with others and receiving feedback in a safe & confidential space provides the freedom to explore your internal experience and feel less isolated, particularly during the holidays. The group is comprised of adults aged 25-35.

Group Therapist

Desirée Patrice (LMHC) is a licensed psychotherapist with certifications in family & couples therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and advanced training in gender, sexuality and relationships.

Desirée believes in treating the whole person, with an integrative approach. This includes processing emotional & developmental history, restructuring limiting thoughts, and emboldening a coherent & authentic internal voice. She believes that therapy is a collaborative and emergent experience. Each client is unique and thus so is their therapeutic path.

Clients from a variety of backgrounds connect with Desirée’s nonjudgemental and affirming approach. In particular, people who may encounter stigma due to their gender, sexuality and lifestyle practices will find an informed, supportive and encouraging therapist who centers their life experience.

Desirée Patrice

Desirée Patrice is a therapist in New York, New York specializing in LGBTQIA topics, alternative lifestyles, mood disorders, existential crisis, family issues, relationships, anxiety, stress management, and self-esteem.

Wednesdays at 7pm

New York (Online)