College Wellness Collective


The College Wellness Collective group takes a mind, body, spirit approach to cultivating strength, positivity, and resiliency through connection and empowerment.

We believe this challenging time provides an opportunity to transform pain into purpose. Throughout this course, participants will cultivate connection with each other and themselves, learn valuable life-skills, and develop strategies for moving forward with peace and confidence.

An adventure in positive intelligence that includes:

Therapist-guided group discussions, relationship building, nutrition & biochemistry, love missions (accountability assignments), yogic practices, coaching, lifestyle development

Students come away with:

A community of peers, healthy strategies to manage emotions, a personalized self-care and lifestyle plan, savvy awareness of the food/mood connection and nutritional navigation, avenues for continued support

Group Therapist

Samantha is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an office in Denver, Colorado. She provides therapy in person and online for clients experiencing anxiety, stress, depression and heartbreak. Samantha also works with children coping with divorce, college students and the blind & low-vision communities.

Many of Samantha's clients come in when they feel as though their emotions are out of control, are feeling stuck, or are facing a major shift in their life. Samantha strives to offer clients the comfort, understanding and space needed to become the best version of themselves. Samantha's style is rooted in using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help clients balance their emotions, self needs & values.

When you sit across from Samantha on the couch, she is bringing her entire authentic self to the session. She utilizes her compassion, her partnership with the client and a collaborative approach to learn about who the client has been, who they currently are and who they want to be. Samantha believes therapy is not a “one size fits all” line of work.

While some of Samantha's most valued time is spent in her cozy office talking with a client surrounded by plants and candles, you can find her at a yoga class, exploring the national parks, or reading & spending time with her animals on her days off.

Samantha Miller

Thursdays 6-8pm

Colorado, USA