Compassionate stress resilience group for graduate students


This is an ongoing virtual group that offers a space for graduate students to explore personal and relational challenges and grow into more helpful ways of relating to self, others, and stress while learning a practical foundation of mindfulness and compassion skills to cultivate emotional resilience.

There is a 4-week commitment to the group and every first week of the month, participants may choose to renew their participation in the group for another 4-week commitment, ongoing.

This group is a wonderful complement to individual therapy.

It's a deeply nourishing space featuring:

✨ mindfulness meditation

✨ compassionate journaling

✨ group processing

Members help co-create a connected and supportive space to practice and strengthen self-awareness, self-compassion, healthy communication, assertiveness, boundary setting, and overall relational wellness and stress resiliency.

In groups, the interplay among participants provides a rich practice space to better get to know and improve how we relate to ourselves and others.

As group sharing unfolds, members practice being present in their bodies, connecting to and vocalizing their emotional experiences with others, and experience being seen and heard.

Commonly explored topics might include working with emotions, self-doubt, anxiety, stress, depression, relational challenges, academic/professional concerns, work-life balance, and cultivating connection to your body's wisdom to guide you in creating a life and career you love.

You’ll emerge from this group with a more compassionate understanding of your own relational patterns and better practiced towards deeper connections and more compassionate self-leadership, all to help nurture healthier and happier relationships in your life, and career.

Enrollment includes:

✨ Individual initial meeting to clarify your goals for the group

✨ Weekly group meetings, ongoing

✨ Individual final meeting once you decide to conclude your participation in the group, to clarify and integrate lessons learned from the group

To apply, please contact Michelle.

Group Therapist

​Michelle Vitale (she/ella) is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Coach. Michelle specializes in a trauma-sensitive style of therapy informed by somatic embodiment, mindfulness, and compassion. Her intention is to support your healing journey towards embodied, compassionate, whole-hearted living. In her work, she centers the ongoing cultivation of your capacity to feel, sense, trust and enjoy your body's sovereign wisdom.

Michelle offers individual counseling and coaching. She also guides group sessions, as she believes the interplay between and among group participants can create exponential possibilities for growth and positive change.

Based on her own lived experience with immigration and multiculturalism, Michelle specializes in centering multicultural identities and the life-long effects of immigration trauma across generations. Her work centers on the importance of deepening a sovereign sense of belonging to ourselves.

Additionally, based on her previous background in business and research at the intersection of social enterprises and women's leadership, Michelle particularly enjoys supporting executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners in cultivating their emotional resilience and compassionate self-leadership.

Michelle was born and raised in Venezuela, in a biracial family, and immigrated to the United States as a teen. Spanish is her native language. She received her Master's in Counseling Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania with a course of study focused on Multicultural Counseling. Prior to her work in counseling, she studied Business Administration at Babson College, worked in the private sector, and spent a year researching women’s leadership in Santiago de Chile as a Fulbright Scholar. She offers sessions via secure video, to people living in RI. Sessions can be in either English or Spanish.

Michelle Vitale

Michelle Vitale is a bilingual Licensed Mental Health Counselor and coach in Providence, RI working with adults navigating transitions or challenges in their lives, work, or education. She offers sessions in English or Spanish, and she also offers remote therapy sessions.

Tuesdays 5:30PM to 6:45PM or Saturdays 10AM to 11:15AM

Rhode Island (Online)

$80 per group session (accepting Brown Student Health Insurance and out-of-network benefits may apply from other insurance providers).