Infidelity Support COUPLES RETREAT


Infidelity can devastate relationships, but it can also be a catalyst for growth and deepening intimacy. This exclusive retreat for couples healing from infidelity offers a transformative experience to help couples heal, rebuild trust, and find hope again.

The program provides a safe and supportive environment for couples to address the root causes of infidelity, understand individual motivations, and navigate the challenges together. Through exercises and guided discussions, you will gain insights into your relationship dynamics and learn effective communication strategies.

Our carefully curated retreat spans a weekend, allowing ample time for reflection, connection, and personal growth. Join us in beautiful Miami, Florida October 20-22nd for our next retreat. Take this opportunity to rebuild your relationship, rediscover love, and create a future filled with joy and authenticity.

Limited spots are available, so reserve your place now and invest in the journey towards healing and a stronger, more fulfilling connection. Let infidelity become the turning point that leads to a renewed and resilient love.

Previous attendees have said about the retreat:

"Not going would be the biggest mistake of your life. You could miss the opportunity to save your marriage. This could truly be the make or break that will make your marriage. If you can afford it, you have nothing to lose by going. But you have everything to lose by not."

"This retreat was exactly what we needed. It went above and beyond my expectations. Lauren has created something so valuable. The best time and money we have spent. Worth every penny and more. The most helpful thing we have done. So well thought out. The variety of activities and modalities. Drawing from all different theories. The flow of the agenda. The soundtrack is brilliant. The song choices. Converted to soft versions with no lyrics. But you know the lyrics in your head. The snacks and meals. The space. The destination. Absolute perfection."

"I loved the retreat. Lauren created a safe space with practical tools and tips to help us heal and build a better relationship."

"Lauren was thoughtful, organized, and educational in her delivery of some very powerful concepts!"

When asked if previous attendees would recommend the retreat they said:

"1,000,000% yes"


"Yes very non judgmental and productive"

""Yes! Really helped get to the root causes, build understanding and strategies to fall forward into a better relationship."

Group Therapist

Ready to navigate the complexities of love and life? Lauren, a seasoned therapist with over a decade of experience, guides individuals and romantic partners toward deeper connections and emotional well-being. Her expertise lies in helping you navigate complex issues like: infidelity and betrayal trauma; sex-related challenges and communication difficulties; dating struggles, relationship instability, and lack of intimacy; and, grieving the loss of a relationship or navigating partnership roles.

Lauren's approach is compassionate, insightful, and evidence-based, drawing on her extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). She is currently completing her sex therapy certification and brings a trauma-informed, LGBTQ+ affirming perspective to her practice. Additionally, Lauren is knowledgeable and affirming of non-monogamous relationships and has experience working with diverse clients, including fellow mental health professionals, legal and financial professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Lauren has proven expertise in healing from infidelity. She offers a virtual support group for betrayed partners and a weekend couples retreat for healing, both receiving rave reviews for their positive impact.

Lauren provides virtual therapy to clients in California, Florida, and Vermont.

Ready to heal and connect in your relationships? Contact Lauren today for more information.

Lauren Consul

Lauren has over a decade of experience in the mental health field and specializes in relational issues. She helps individuals, couples, and families break negative relational patterns through understanding and healing of emotional pain in order to move forward with hope and connection.

Miami, FL March 15-17

Miami, Florida