Women's Empowerment Group


✨Women’s Empowerment Group! ✨

Embark on a journey with other women where you can find the power that lies within you. Your power exists inside you already and likely has been squished deep down out of fear. You deserve to be the leader in your life and for others to have your back. Join this group to learn about the depths of all that is you and make change happen in your life.

Group Therapist

Jessica Audette is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in MA and RI. Many of her clients are looking to learn more about themselves, how to heal from wounds of their past and have a richer, fuller life. They often express feeling as though typical talk therapy has not been helpful and are looking for a more holistic experience. Jessica is particularly sensitive to parents and families who are struggling with their relationships with one another and want to learn how to have better communication and more peace within the home.

Jessica has an integrative approach which includes holistic therapy, expressive arts, somatic awareness and core energetics. Within her approach, she helps clients to understand and deepen the connection between their mind and body. She does so through expressive arts, movement and what she calls "dropping in to the body". She teaches clients healthy ways to express deep emotions, how to set healthy boundaries and become more aware of their own needs, and learn ways to deepen their connections with others.

Jessica provides an organic approach which includes offering tools and techniques based upon where her clients are at in that moment. She meets her clients with care and gentle pushes to help them sit with their discomfort and guide them to healing. As a trauma informed therapist, Jessica is mindful of the impact of past experiences on present challenges and works closely with clients to increase their self-love and compassion.

Jessica has supported many individuals, parents and families in enhancing their relationships with themselves and one another through her work as an intensive family therapist. Within a telehealth format, she can provide a safe space for the healing you’ve been looking for at a time that is convenient for you.

Jessica Audette

Jessica Audette is a therapist in Massachusetts specializing in childhood trauma, family issues, mind-body connection, parenting, anxiety, and adolescent mental health.

Wednesdays 8-9pm

Massachusetts (Online)

$45 each week