Emotional Focused Therapy/ DBT Group


The EFT Group will help you learn about your emotions and how to regulate emotions when triggered.

Group Therapist

Ataraxy is a mental health and wellness support service that provides virtual psychotherapy, counseling, consultation, and coaching. Our mission is to work with you through mental health challenges and be emotionally, physically, and mentally stronger. Whether you are struggling with PTSD, substance use, feeling depressed, anxious, having negative thoughts, stress, or burnout because of the nature of your work, we are here to walk along with you. Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, hopeless, and helpless? Have flashbacks because of the trauma you experienced? Finding yourself turning to substances to escape from stressors and life’s obstacles? Having difficulties facing the truth because it is painful? If you are experiencing these symptoms and other problems, allow our team of professionals to help you overcome these challenges. Schedule an appointment today to free yourself.

Dr. Thao is a wellness consultant/ coach in mental health and life challenges and issues. Her goal is to support and provide lifestyle changes for self-empowerment. Dr. Takakjian is a licensed psychologist (CA) who focuses on Trauma/PTSD, Addiction, and Psychosomatic Disorders. His goal is to help the client integrate the mind and body, understand emotions and thoughts, and live a holistic and wholehearted life. Matthew is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Recovery and Addiction Specialist (all states), his life’s work is to help you find sobriety and take back your power in your life. He walks with you through every empowering moment of your early recovery and supports you in staying addiction-free for the long term. Erica is a licensed clinical social worker (CA) and EMDR trained, with a wide range of mental health experiences working with individuals and families who struggle with mental health issues.


Ataraxy is a group practice in California specializing in alcohol use disorder & addiction, anger management, medical professionals' mental health, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, and mood disorders.

Fridays 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

California (Online)