Emotional Spring Cleanse and Refresh Seminar


Hello! This time is an opportunity to spend some quality time to absorb

a few new ways of thinking and feeling about ourselves and others,

journal about it a bit and share in small groups.

We will take time to practice this new information in short meditations

and after our tea time with your bag lunch, we will take a Silent Walking Meditation.

Our guest speaker will arrive and afterwords, you can ask questions and we will end with some prayers for inner peace and world peace.

Our wonderful guest speaker is Kelli Campbell, MS. She has generously offered us the gift of her time and expertise. The warmth, wisdom, and support of this wonderful instructor will invigorate you. She studied with Martha Beck, PhD, a Harvard-trained sociologist, world-renowned coach and New York Times bestselling author. Kelli is a truly gifted and amazing human being. She is the counselor's counselor! She offers, I believe, what we are all looking for - better mental, physical & spiritual health.

Yes - an emotional spring cleanse and refresh - something we all might need after the long winter. Get ready to let go of the old unusable emotional baggage and find a new, refreshed and relaxed approach to life and your life’s purpose, starting now.

Please join us for a remarkable day with your facilitator, me, and our speaker Kelli Campbell, the one and only.

This is such a special event, that I am making a very special offer - TWO adults for the price of one.

Love to see you there. Please join us.


Maudeen G Jordan, LCSW

Photo is me in Thailand with new friends.

P.S. After the seminar, there's is an opportunity for you to float on the Tualatin River with your friend, if you bring your boat or kayak!

Group Therapist

Maudeen Jordan

Maudeen Jordan is a therapist in Oregon specializing in anxiety, life coaching, loss, grief, and bereavement, spirituality & religion, trauma, and self-care.

May 10th at the River House, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m

Hillsboro, Oregon

$150, - new sale price includes - Bring a friend for free!!