Finding Your Way Through Infertility


Undergoing treatment for infertility can bring up feelings of shame, anxiety, depression and isolation. Even when surrounded by friends, family and a loving partner, you can still feel alone and have difficulties coping in everyday life. The benefits of sharing your experience with others can include emotional support, gaining insight and perspective, learning more about treatments and coping strategies while simultaneously helping others who are going through similar experiences.

If you are a woman undergoing fertility challenges, this is a support group for you to find relief from the isolation and the emotional roller coaster of infertility. Each week, you will be offered meditations, resources, and tools while being a part of a safe and confidential space to share freely with others while addressing your own emotional needs.

Group Therapist

Repose is an innovative holistic psychotherapy practice in the heart of Manhattan founded on the principle that wellness is an embodied healing journey that honors the inseparable connection between mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to help you find your innate wisdom to cultivate resilience, gain clarity, and overcome challenges so that you may live with greater ease. We foster well-being as a way of life.

At Repose, we believe that you have both the capacity and the responsibility for your own evolution. We set the conditions for healing to occur by holding a safe space that allows for exploration, learning, and empowerment. Our role is that of guide, teacher, and companion as you embark upon the journey of your lifetime. We help you to find your way back to wellness.

Repose offers treatment for anxiety, trauma, loss and grief, OCD, relationship issues, parenting concerns, and more. We primarily work with adults although we have providers who work collaboratively with teens and parents. The team at Repose also has specialty training in treating couples, perinatal mental health, treating primary and secondary trauma (compassion fatigue or "burnout"), as well as considerable experience in working with college students. In fact, Repose is the preferred college mental health providers for NYU, SVA, Columbia University, FIT, and Fordham University.

We welcome individuals and couples, regardless of each client's background, orientation, and gender expression. It is our mission for our clients to gain a more compassionate, balanced understanding of themselves.


Repose is a group practice in Midtown Manhattan that offers treatment for anxiety, trauma, loss and grief, OCD, relationship issues, and parenting concerns. The providers at Repose are holistically oriented, and they take a mind-body approach, incorporating modalities like breathwork, guided meditation, and therapeutic yoga.

Wednesdays 2-3pm

New York, NY, USA

$25/group, NYU Wellfleet insurance is also accepted with a $0 copay