Gay Men's Psychotherpay Group


The gay men's psychotherapy group offers an online community that is both supportive as well as challenging for creating LONG-TERM growth and change. The group focuses on the full spectrum of gay male experience and culture(s) while at the same time asking members to approach the risks of intimacy with one another. Intimacy can come with a sense of risk and anxiety yet may lead to great gains in personal growth and for improved quality of life and relationships outside the group.

The group is for gay male adults of a wide age range, from young adults to seniors. Gay men are welcome who are seeking to resolve issues that may include family and partner conflicts, emotional injuries of childhood, social stigma, body shame, trauma, depressed mood, compulsive / addictive behaviors, sex and dating concerns, social anxiety, loneliness, grief, health-related distress, HIV/AIDS, workplace homophobia, national / political issues, and other sources of distress.

The gay men's group may have up to 8 members at a time and currently has two openings. The group remains closed once there are eight members in the group. Becoming part of the group would require a minimum of three individual therapy sessions w/ writer before hand so that psychological evaluation can be performed and determination can be made if group therapy may be appropriate or not. Applicants have the choice of receiving both individual and group therapy with Dorian; or the choice of continuing in individual therapy should they not be a good match for the group at the present time.

Group Therapist

Dr. Dorian Kondas warmly welcomes individual adults facing many common and uncommon life challenges. Dorian offers video and phone telehealth sessions across the ENTIRE state of Ohio. He additionally offers group therapy online for gay men.

Dorian holds advanced certification in EMDR (listed with EMDRIA) for the treatment of PTSD and other issues including anxiety, compulsions, and chronic pain. With 17 years of work and training, he has sat with, laughed with, cried with, and explored goals for success with a remarkable diversity of individuals. Clients have included many people of color, college and international students, indigenous, queer-identified folx, and survivors of abuse, sexual assault and hate crime. Dorian's training, research, and publications have focused more specifically on LGBT concerns. Dorian is WPATH informed and trained for working with transgender individuals. Folx who seek him out often explore sexuality, polyamory, healthy identity, and succeeding in intimate relationships.

Dorian's specialization in transpersonal or spiritually-informed psychotherapy equips him to work with people from many religious and/or spiritual backgrounds. (Atheists/agnostics also welcome)! He continues to work with survivors of religious and cult abuse. Jungian, Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, and mindfulness-based approaches he commonly uses for both spiritual and non-spiritual concerns. Dorian is certified in Gestalt and Applied Existential Therapy. He has worked with individuals from many traditions, Eastern, Western, Indigenous, Afro-Caribbean, Black protestant, and neopagan.

Dorian received excellent academic and clinical training from Penn State (PhD in Counseling Psychology), University of Pennsylvania, and specialized training working with LGBT military veterans through the Yale School of Medicine (postdoctoral fellow). Dorian earned his Masters in transpersonal (spiritually-informed) counseling psychology Buddhist-inspired Naropa University. He holds a BA in religious studies.

Dorian Kondas, PhD

Dorian Kondas, PhD is a therapist in Ohio specializing in LGBTQIA, gender, & sexuality topics, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, relationship issues, racism, oppression, and discrimination, and spirituality & religion.

Thursdays 6:30 - 8 pm

Ohio (Online)

$40 per session / Self-pay