Heal Love Lead with Soul Authority


This group is for struggling and spiritual empaths and professionals who’re bored with conventional therapy, ready to try a powerful integrative method, and curious about learning shamanic journeying and intuitive nature-guided skills to align mind-body-heart-soul and heal psychological issues, such as social anxiety, burn out, depression, self sabotage, confidence issues, emotional overwhelm, conflict avoidance, impostor syndrome and PTSD. It’s for serious students who yearn to be in like-hearted community and quantum leap their healing and growth.

The course consists of 8 module lessons and 2 integration weeks that empower students to become the soul authority of their emotions, life, and well-being.

The modules include: weekly videos, meditation instructions, shamanic journeying guidance, a sacred online community off of FB, a Soul Authority handbook, and a signed copy of my Soul Authority book. Weekly LIVE Zoom meetings (audio replays provided) will occur every week for 90 minutes (day and time chosen by incoming cohort).

"The course was mind-blowing and paradigm-blowing and wonderful. It felt like putting my feet into a vast ocean. The learning and connecting with the elements helped me to move from what seemed in my head like a conflict of options into a more expansive and calm inner landscape that allowed wisdom, guidance, and clarity to emerge."

Lynn Hutchison, MS, CPSS, Momentum Coach

Group Therapist

Dr. Loraine Van Tuyl is a licensed clinical psychologist, Depth Hypnosis practitioner, and shamanic eco psychologist. She offers teletherapy and spiritual healing through her virtual office in Pleasanton, CA. Dr. Van Tuyl is passionate about teaching clients how to align mind-heart-body-soul and connect more fully and authentically with their true nature, their life purpose, and with others. Many of her clients identify as spiritual empaths and are high achievers. They take on the stress and pain of those around them, which leaves them exhausted and anxious. It’s often hard for them to regulate and trust their own emotions. They feel triggered or overwhelmed at inopportune times, which leads to work struggles, relationship conflicts, impostor issues, risk avoidance, and ongoing frustration.

Dr. Van Tuyl practices a unique therapy style that seamlessly integrates modern psychological expertise, spiritual practices, and mindfulness with nature-centered wisdom. Dr. Van Tuyl empowers her 1-1 clients with step-by-step guidance how to create a resourced and clear inner space where they can safely prioritize their own mental health over the needs of others. She shows clients how to recruit a dream-team of spirit guides to navigate through life’s challenges. Clients also learn mindfulness practices like deep breathing, unique grounding and visualization techniques, meditation, and emotional regulation skills. These powerful tools help clients to challenge harmful or self-sabotaging beliefs, resolve relationship conflicts, and heal trauma patterns at the root.

Dr. Van Tuyl created an elegant 10-week online course called HEAL LOVE LEAD with SOUL AUTHORITY, informed by three decades of experience working with professional empaths. Students in this course learn to create a soul sanctuary, set energetic boundaries, and develop resilience that expands with them for life. Dr. Van Tuyl uses her own experience as an empath in her work with clients, offering deep insight, fierce compassion, and momentum.

Loraine Van Tuyl

Loraine Van Tuyl is a therapist in Pleasanton , California specializing in anxiety, depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), spirituality & religion, mind-body connection, and sensitivity.

12 -130 PM PST

California (Online)