Helping Men Recovery Substance Use Disorders


Helping Men Recover (HMR) is a gender-responsive, trauma-informed treatment program for men presented in sessions . HMR addresses what is often missing in prevailing treatment modes: a clear understanding of the impact of male socialization on the recovery process, a consideration of the relational needs of men, a healthy exploration of sex and sexuality, investigation of concepts of power, and a focus on the issues of abuse and trauma (both experienced and perpetrated) The program model is organized into four modules that emphasize the core areas of men’s recovery: Self, Relationships, Sexuality, and Spirituality.

Group Therapist

Thomas Dillingham Jr. is a licensed independent chemical dependency counselor in Buckeye State, Ohio. He works with various individuals across a broad spectrum of client-based needs. Thomas’s clients leave empowered with the tools for success. Many of His clients have dealt with difficult situations related to addictions, behavioral health, trauma, and crisis-centered. His clients approach Thomas, having suffered depression, anxiety, and self-doubt, among other issues.

Thomas’s approach includes a psychosocial assessment and an appropriate treatment plan for each client. He is passionate about connecting with His clients so that Thomas understands their thoughts, feelings, and fears. Thomas has the tools to help individuals obtain coping skills, build self-esteem, and renew self-confidence. His approach is based on Cognitive Behavioral therapy and other methods to ensure each client succeeds.

Thomas is passionate about ensuring that every client has a safe place to feel heard and to be a partner in each session. He knows that no individual is alike and deserves to have the opportunity to find peace and inner harmony. Relationships can be mended, and Thomas has the experience and skills to empower His clients.

Thomas Dillingham

Thomas Dillingham is a therapist in Ohio specializing in addiction, alcohol use disorder & addiction, anxiety, codependency, depression, and substance abuse.


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