Infidelity Support Group for Betrayed Partners


You’re not alone. What you’re experiencing and feeling is a normal response to a traumatic experience in your relationship.

While an affair rocks the foundation of a relationship, it doesn’t mean the relationship has to end. Many people choose to stay. Relationships can survive and even thrive after an affair.

But repair takes a lot of work. This group supports you while you do that work. You’ll connect with others in a similar situation who just get it. You’ll have a space to feel all the feelings. You’ll learn evidence-based tools and strategies to cope, heal, and move forward (sometimes you’ll take a few steps back, but that’s part of the process and we’re here for it).

Group specifics:

-This is a virtual group that will meet for 8 sessions on Wednesdays from 5:30 pm-6:45 pm PST/8:30 pm-9:45 pm EST.

-The investment is $480 if paid in full (save $10) or two installments of $245

*** If you partner might be interested in attending the counterpart to this group for betraying partners ran by my colleague please reach out. The group meets on the same dates as this group, but from 4:00 pm-5:15 pm PST/7:00 pm-8:15 pm EST.

Group Therapist

Ready to navigate the complexities of love and life? Lauren, a seasoned therapist with over a decade of experience, guides individuals and romantic partners toward deeper connections and emotional well-being. Her expertise lies in helping you navigate complex issues like: infidelity and betrayal trauma; sex-related challenges and communication difficulties; dating struggles, relationship instability, and lack of intimacy; and, grieving the loss of a relationship or navigating partnership roles.

Lauren's approach is compassionate, insightful, and evidence-based, drawing on her extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). She is currently completing her sex therapy certification and brings a trauma-informed, LGBTQ+ affirming perspective to her practice. Additionally, Lauren is knowledgeable and affirming of non-monogamous relationships and has experience working with diverse clients, including fellow mental health professionals, legal and financial professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Lauren has proven expertise in healing from infidelity. She offers a virtual support group for betrayed partners and a weekend couples retreat for healing, both receiving rave reviews for their positive impact.

Lauren provides virtual therapy to clients in California, Florida, and Vermont.

Ready to heal and connect in your relationships? Contact Lauren today for more information.

Lauren Consul

Lauren has over a decade of experience in the mental health field and specializes in relational issues. She helps individuals, couples, and families break negative relational patterns through understanding and healing of emotional pain in order to move forward with hope and connection.

Wednesdays 5:00 pm-6:15 pm PST

California (Online)