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Mindfulness Meditation Program for High Achieving Women Managing Hectic Lives


If you feel like you are pulled in multiple directions and feel overwhelmed by the demands and expectations of daily life, this program is for you! Instead of feeling like a hamster stuck in a wheel or a passenger trapped on a train that is hurling out of control, you can learn how to meditate and start to feel greater peace of mind and overall freedom. You may have heard about the many benefits of mindfulness and wonder how you can bring some of them into your life. You may have even tried to meditate on your own only to experience doubt, confusion, or a sense of discouragement. This program was designed with busy women with hectic lives and it breaks down all the steps required to understand mindfulness, learn to meditate, and establish and maintain a regular practice that yields results. This program is not just an introduction to mindfulness meditation, it's an opportunity to really learn the how and why of this powerful practice. Together with other high achieving, high performing women, you will receive a full education and step by step guidance along with all the support required to help you succeed. There are pre and post program assessments which will provide information on changes related to your participation.

Group Therapist

Dr. Elizabeth Cronin is a Clinical Psychologist in Brookline, MA and Norwood, MA. She is a solution focused therapist who works with individuals and couples to help resolve personal challenges and uncover your full potential. Her approach is collaborative and interactive. She works hard to provide a warm, non-judgmental environment.

We all face difficult situations and seeking the support of a neutral and supportive clinician can help you understand and resolve current challenges. Dr. Cronin has seen how therapy can provide the much needed encouragement and education required to develop new strategies and skills.

As a relational psychologist, Dr. Cronin understands that treatment is unique for each of her clients. She looks forward to helping each individual who walks into her practice work towards a self-empowered place where they can go after their personal needs and goals. One of her specialities is anxiety and she uses her training with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness Meditation to help her many clients overcome stress and experience more success

Making the decision to try therapy can be difficult; especially if the experience is unfamiliar. Dr. Cronin will work hard to create a warm, safe environment where you will feel comfortable.

Dr. Cronin has offices in Brookline and Norwood, MA, however she is currently providing online, virtual sessions.

Elizabeth Cronin

Elizabeth Cronin is a therapist in Norwood, Massachusetts specializing in anxiety, relationships, life transitions, work stress, couples counseling, and mindfulness.

Begins in September 2022

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