Koru Mindfulness Group


The ability to calm the chatter in our minds and relax our bodies is key to living a more balanced life.

Koru Mindfulness offers a unique, evidence-based curriculum that teaches mindfulness, meditation, and stress management to young adults and beyond.

Koru Mindfulness is a 4-session course that teaches mindfulness through guided practice, discussion, reflection, at-home practice, and readings that collectively help build healthy habits to more effectively manage stress, improve sleep, and focus the mind. It's very accessible for young people, with an app that helps to engage and guide along the way!

This group meets weekly, in 75-minute classes for four weeks. It is limited to 10 people and signing up with friends is welcomed.

Group Therapist

Kim O'Connor is a psychotherapist in Westchester, NY who specializes in anxiety, depression, parenting, life transitions, and family, school, and work stress.

Kim's practice is open to individual adults and teens. She is skilled in helping clients navigate such life adjustments as raising a family, entering or ending romantic relationships, and deciding on a desired academic or career course. She also welcomes clients who are seeking anger management skills, for themselves or loved ones. 

Kim takes an eclectic approach to treatment, infusing her psychodynamic training with components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as mindfulness-based strategies. This blend empowers clients with the opportunity to gain perspective and greater self-awareness, while also developing skills for managing difficult situations and emotions. 

When working with parents, Kim emphasizes the power of the family structure, which helps clients understand how they can affect positive change within their unit. When working with teens, Kim understands the pressures of academic rigor and helps clients identify and navigate symptoms of perfectionism. 

Kim’s practice is located in Rye NY for in-person visits. She is also available by telehealth for anyone living in New York State.

Kim O'Connor

Kim O'Connor is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Westchester, NY who specializes in parenting, anxiety, relationships, work stressors, and depression. Her practice is open to individual adults, couples, children, teens, as well as clients for group therapy sessions.


New York, NY, USA

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