LGBTQIA+ and The Body — Zencare

LGBTQIA+ and The Body


Our bodies tell a story, movement is part of our language.

By sharing and tapping into the impact that discrimination, minority stress, trauma, and societal

norms has on our bodies, we open our ability to express ourselves in new or forgotten ways.

The group will allow members to explore their identities and their histories through verbal

discussion as well as mindfulness & bodyfulness techniques. Members of this group will

experiment with movement, stillness, silence, and verbalization. A focus on self-care, body

image, self-acceptance and forming an allied community will be encouraged. No dance or

movement experience is required. No extra space is required beyond what is available to you

in your home.

Group Therapist

Welcome to Creative Now Therapy. We offer individual, couples, + group therapy. Our therapists are: Cristina - she/they, Autumn - she/her, Ariel - they/them, + Krisja - she/they. We believe you can live your life more fully - that you can become more comfortable with the uncertain + that you can take those risky steps forward into an ever-shifting landscape.

Our holistic approach uses mindfulness, body awareness, + creative interventions to enhance your ability to get your needs met + to feel more at ease in the world. We'll guide you to tune into your body, beliefs, + patterns. This will support you in developing greater emotional presence + tolerance, + help you move more fluidly through difficult life circumstances. We are trained in talk therapy, art therapy, + body-centered/somatic psychotherapy to help you tap into core issues. We believe through creative interventions and attending to your body, you can generate more understanding of your struggles in order to enact behavior change and growth.

Clinical Director at CNT, Cristina Maria Fort Garcés, LCAT, has specialized in using somatic + creative interventions to approach adults experiencing significant life events + transitions for 14yrs+.

Psychotherapist, Autumn Potter, LCAT, is an expert with children, adolescents, + young adults. She has a decade of experience working as a teacher + actor. This has informed her ability to engage people safely + with compassion in the creative process.

Psychotherapist, Ariel Roland Waring, LCAT, works individually with children, adolescents, + adults. They specialize in working with queer, trans, GNC, + BIPOC folks who've experienced: trauma, abuse, depression, need assistance navigating non-monogamous relationships, + want to explore gender identity + sexuality.

Somatic Psychotherapist, Krisja Hendricks, LCAT + R-DMT, specializes in working with couples + group clients with conflict, anxiety, depression, addiction, + LGBTQIA+ dynamics.

Creative Now Therapy

Creative Now Therapy is a group practice in New York specializing in anxiety, depression, identity issues, existential concerns, Gestalt/Somatic Psychotherapy, and Creative Arts Psychotherapy, Art & Movement.


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