Liberatory Love


This a group for folks exploring relationships along the non-monogamous spectrum. It is currently meeting online, but in 2023 we are able to provide it in person! The group is for adults and are we able to open the group up to adults younger than 25.

Group Therapist

Human beings need connection to grow and thrive. So many of us are struggling with isolation and worry for the future as we try to navigate the far-reaching consequences of unchecked capitalism on our own lives, our loved ones, our communities, and our planet. Here at Practical Magic Healing, we embrace an abolitionist, humanist philosophy and prioritize meeting our clients on their own terms, in their own environment, as the expert on their own experiences. We are here to follow your lead and find what works for you rather than centering our own expertise or standardized, dime-a-dozen psychological assessments and interventions. We believe that effective care blends the practical, meaning specific types of therapeutic styles and treatment methods, and the magical, which includes not only the healing power of human connection and social activism, but also holistic, spiritual, and energetic practices that treat the mind and body as one. We are deeply committed to social justice and actively engage with anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and decolonized therapeutic and clinical practices. As an abolitionist practice, we utilize harm reduction rather than carceral, all-or-nothing, shame-based recovery practices, both in substance use as well as disordered eating. We advocate for community-based crisis management over police involvement.

Practical Magic Healing

Practical Magic Healing is a group practice in Illinois specializing in anxiety, depression, eating disorders & disordered eating, LGBTQIA, gender, & sexuality topics, and trauma.

Tuesday 5-6:30

Illinois (Online)

$10, $20, $30 ss