Living With The Pressure To Be Perfect


There are plenty of therapy groups available for teens but barely any specifically for teen girls of color. This is especially important for teen girls of color who deal with racism and sexism in high school and outside of school.

This therapy group is for BIPOC teen girls who identify as high-achieving, highly anxious, perfectionistic and struggle to connect with others. Participants do not need to have an individual therapist or experience with therapy in order to participate. Although, individual or family therapy is highly encouraged. The group will cap at 6 participants.

Over the course of 8-weeks group members will understand how anxiety and perfectionism show up in their bodies and minds. With this new knowledge, they will develop skills that can help them to build confidence within themselves (instead of relying on Instagram and TikTok 😎)

Group Therapist

Noni is a native New Yorker who loves the ritual of the Sunday morning bagel and a long walk through Prospect Park. She grew up in a home of creatives and embraces her love for old movies & classical art.

Noni knew early on that she wanted to become a helping professional. At first, she decided to become a dietitian and guide people through their relationships with food. However, she took a positive psychology class in college and discovered the world of mental health. Noni was fascinated by the idea of creating safety for individuals who needed to feel a sense of belonging.

She received her BS in nutrition studies from New York University with a minor in child psychology. Noni recently obtained her masters in mental health counseling from Hunter College. She has experience working with adolescents, young women and men who live with eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Noni is a therapist who uses a feminist and multicultural framework to remind her clients of their inner power.

Noni is a registered nutritionist who practices intuitive eating. She uses her knowledge of physical health to understand how mental health shows up in the body. Noni uses food as a gateway into personal pleasure and incorporates this belief into her personal and professional lives.

Noni Vaughn-Pollard

Noni Vaughn-Pollard is a therapist in Park Slope, New York specializing in perfectionism, anxiety, and women's issues.

Tuesdays 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Brooklyn, New York

$50 per session